I Am Happy to Say …

I am happy to say I feel much better, nothing ruined, I hope. I love that a little time can bring better perspective.

Tomorrow night should be fun! Some friends from school want to collaborate on a project, some paintings, in order to keep us focused and productive during the whole career transition thing. I’m so unprepared, though. Thought we were getting together over the weekend, but one of the guys is off to California come Saturday. I haven’t done my part yet. I haven’t brainstormed any ideas! They will come. They always do.

Life is good. I love it. Yet, I’m anxious, and a little tired of this whole making the “proper adult choices” thing. I want spontaneity back, for one. Will this path I’ve begun down lead to freedom? Freedom to be all that I am, and to share it all that I want. I wanna break out, go crazy, leave, follow the wind, make a mistake. Live with it. I want what I want and I want it now. No more patience, no more tempered response, feed me, fill me, leave me whole. I don’t know what I’m saying, just what I’m feeling. Hold tight, stay strong, I’ll press through, and be on the other side soon, a better me. ♦

New Eyes

My head hurts, I must be tired. Ever feel like you went too far? Like you ruined a good thing? That’s how I feel right now. Maybe it will pass when I see the day with new eyes tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep.

I am so glad I finished the mural I’ve been working on for weeks today. I’m really happy with the results! Today was a great day at work, not too much to do, not too little. The sun was out, the air was a little crisp, and leaves crunched under my feet as I walked to my car. ♦

Soon Enough

It’s late, or early, depending on how you look at it. Got back from a drive recently. Nothing like a drive at night with loud music to clear my mind! The Afghan Whigs | 1965 CD. I’m looking for a new place to do some volunteering. I hate when I’m all full of myself without an outlet to be giving somewhere, contributing something. A key to happiness, make someone else happy. Not that I’m not busy enough trying to complete all the steps towards getting established in the art world. I’m already four months down in my little one year dedicated plan. And, I haven’t even sent anything to New York yet. Soon, I can focus on having a more balanced and full life, the way I want. Hurry eight months, pass quickly! Not to wish my life away, of course. It’s about the journey as they say, just seems like I’m constantly on the journey and never reaching any of the goals. Things can happen so fast though, snap, just like that, new and good things. I will get where I’m going soon enough. Ah, late night/early morning ramblings, these are always more fun with someone to share it all with. But, at least I’m finally blogging. :)

Tonight was fun! Hung out with Miss Shannon- Shannie-poo, you’ll read this, and know I’m still calling you Shannie-poo. You should challenge me to a seven mile run. You’re shorter, I’m taller, you’re faster, I’m slower …

My sister went to a concert at the Showbox tonight. Tomorrow the two of us are going to The Corpse Bride and Flight Plan. I’d like to see Lord of War. We’ll see. More painting tomorrow, too. I hope I can complete the mural tomorrow! Time to start something new.

Okay, sleep. The sheets are going to be so cold for the first five minutes. ♦


I posted more photos to view.

It sounds like there is a pack of wild dogs outside, lots of howling. They must hear a siren. I do not. It’s time for bed and I’m past the point of tired on the way to wired. I wish I had time to do what I want to do rather than what I have to do. Oh, well. I enjoy the “have-to’s” well enough. And, the have-to’s make the “wants” all the more enjoyable, I suppose. ♦

Have You Ever Danced With the Devil In the Pale Moonlight?

The moon is gorgeous tonight. My street has no street lights, which I prefer, feel safer in the cover of dark rather than highlighted as a target where I’m seen, but I myself can’t see anything past the light provided by the street light. The moonlight casts lavender light in the backyard. Love it.

Today was a gorgeous day for a drive to Snoqualmie to eat at Twede’s Cafe where they filmed parts of that TV show Twin Peaks. Took a friend there for his birthday since he likes Lynch. We discovered that the place basically burned down back in 2000 due to arson. Not cool. They rebuilt though. Not with any of the original camp of the place, sad to say. Good pie though.

Something outside is chirping like crazy. Bats … do bats chirp? I’ve heard them all week and they remind me of this great park at Lake Fenwick, a good place for midnight walks. At dusk, you walk across the bridge from one side to the other and bats swoop down a little too close for comfort. Kinda neat.

I finally watched True Romance, a movie I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. Loved most of it, like Patricia Arquette’s character being one tough cookie. And, Gary Oldman. The man is great! I want to rewatch it just for his performance. His bad guy characters rock.

There’s a late night movie on and this guy is driving through Cleveland by the looks of the sign. Reminds me of someone.

Have to get up early in the morning to go work on a mural before work. I can’t wait to be painting. To bed I go … ♦

Another Good Day

Today was a good day. Went to the Puyallup Fair to see what there was to see. Love the chainsaw sculptures with the bear’s bum hanging out of the stump like he’s in head first looking for dinner. Like Winnie the Pooh, kinda. “O, bother,” he’d say. The baby quail in the petting zoo are the tiniest little birds I’ve ever seen. And, got bawled out by a goose. Stood too close to his cage, I guess.

Last week, I went to the Frye Art Museum and saw work by William Cummings. Really liked his most recent work. The subject matter and bright colors were such a change from his earlier stuff. Really liked a few of his earlier pieces from decades back too though, one in particular of a person on a motorcycle because the painting is nearly all black except for a bright patch of color highlighting the rider’s shoulder against the dark. A striking silhouette. The bike headlight is on and the angle is askew. Just looks cool. I’ve been itching to paint something ever since, but haven’t made time. Time just flies in my world, don’t seem to have enough of it. Wish I could take all that time I seemed to have as a little kid and bottle it for now. Waiting and waiting and waiting to grow up seemed to take forever. ♦

Blog This, Blog That

Been telling myself I’d blog this, blog that, all summer. Now that’s it’s nearly over, I’m getting around to it. Do it, don’t think it. Tried Candy Corn flavored Jones Soda recently. Tried Caramel Apple, too. At Thanksgiving, they have some kinda Turkey Dinner flavored one and a Green Bean Casserole one, among others. Haven’t tried them yet, they fly off the shelves.

Gotta get back on track with life and all after taking some time out this last month to get my Mom situated and organized in her place. Going to revise my design website and find a good web host so I can put it online. But, that’s later, after more pressing career stuff. Wonder where I’ll be next year at this time.

I want to live in New York for one year. I’m in love with that place. Knew I would be since I was a little kid. Got to go there for three and a half days as part of an East Coast Tour trip back in high school. I worked like crazy for nine months to make enough money to go on that trip, and it was so worth it. I loved Boston, too.

Someone told me that when you write you’re not supposed to start a lot of sentences with “I” because it sounds self important so I try to leave them out every once and awhile. But, then when I scan the page, there are still a ton of little “I’s” looking back at me. Hee-hee. :)

Jess, if you happen to read this ever, know that Boo has been waiting for you to come pick her up for the trip to Disneyland. She’s waaaiting … kinda creepy, I know. :) Hope you have fun! Speak of the devil, David Letterman is on in the background and his Top Ten List has something to do with Top Ten Least Desireable Attractions.

3- Bambi’s House of Venison Jerky
4- 30 Seconds Alone With Walt Disney’s Dead Corpse

I missed 1 and 2 as I was typing.

Okay, stuff to do, bunches of it, then I can begin writing to a certain someone … ♦