Biddip Bo!

I read some guy’s blog on here a couple days ago and it was great! I’d like to read more, maybe he writes short stories, or something. He wrote this great piece about being in Seattle, for like, the third time. There was an opportunity to stick up for a little guy and his girl and a colossal punch was involved, too. Just a short little “snippet” of a story, not too long. Will have to ask him about another short story. Looks like he’s in the Army, I’ll send him a message maybe and introduce myself, he must write them, I’m sure. Ability like that must be put to use. Maybe he’s cute, too. Haha! No, adorable. ♦



What a whirlwind of a week, let me tell you!

I could not be more filled with anticipation of what’s to come. Life is funny that way, you’re going along looking for one thing and- Whap! Smack! BOOM! You find something all together different.

Lots to do this weekend, cut my sister’s hair for one. And, of course, there are movies I’d like to see. Maybe Elizabethtown. Cameron Crowe. Will it be on the level of Almost Famous? I think not. I have a painting sitting on my desk begging for me to finish it. I hope I can get to it soon. I may have a freelance job over the next 3-4 weeks, must call about that. More money to complete my plan. The plan could really use a good name … but what?

Mission                    .

Someone broke into my sister’s car. Again. If I find you … Okay, who’s loving the scuttle of leaves across the pavement because it’s autumn and that’s what leaves do? I so am! Must go for a drive on Military Road over by Five Mile Lake where there are mounds of gorgeous leaves all piled up along the street just waiting for me to plow through.

There’s a little something on my page for someone, a reminder, of sorts … ♦

Just Another Fish In the Sea

Wow, I’ve really let my thoughts get off track. Reality check. I hate reality checks! I’ve been going along totally enjoying this amazing … what to even call it … exchange, when I find that I’m definitely thinking about it differently than I should. Got carried away. Feel like I’m alone in the dark and I read someone all wrong. I am so glad this happened now so I can think of it in the right light.

It takes away some of the fun, though, possibilities, and all.

I can still enjoy it for what it is. Alright I’m off to complete the night’s work. ♦


Is anyone else totally into that show Lost on ABC? My sister bought it, and I’ve been watching the Season I episodes since Sunday when I’m home working on stuff. It’s so good! Locke and Charlie are my favorite characters. Locke’s got that odd thing about him where you don’t know if he’s a really good guy with a heart of gold, or if he’ll take a machete to everyone. If he had one available, that is. Kind of a mysterious guy. Don’t think I’ve seen that actor around before, but he’s got one of the best smiles. His mouth not only smiles, his eyes do. And Charlie, Dominic Monaghan, is a funny little man. So, now I’m gonna be all emotionally invested in these characters and channel 4 doesn’t even come in for me! Maybe I’ll have someone tape it so I can watch Season II without having to wait a year before it’s available on DVD.

It’s nearly dark out now. I’ve gotta go out to the store and buy a canvas and some brushes and a birthday present for a friend, too. And, grab some dinner. And, I’m off … ♦