March On …

That was sooo fun! Last Thursday, I’m at work when Bean calls and asks if I can get off work early to come join her up at the local skating rink. Her work was throwing a party for management and their friends and family. It happened that there were no looming deadlines that day, so yes!- I could make it. Haven’t donned a pair of skates in years! And walking into that building was like a time machine back into junior high. It totally smelled the same. I’m happy to report the skating skills are still in tact. Was a bit over confident at first, taking off upon standing up and having one of those wonderfully wobbly -WHOA!- moments where me and the floor almost had a date. And it took me a bit before I felt good doing that cross-over leg thing on turns around the rink. Nevertheless, so fun! I highly recommend that all adults get their bums to a rink at some point to let the inner-kid out to play for awhile.

At that point, I wasn’t gonna eat strawberries that were over two weeks old

In other news, it appears that Bean and I have a magic fridge! Yep. A few facts to support our case: Upon moving day, amongst pizza, chips, soda, and such, there was a humungo bowl of fresh strawberries to be devoured by friends and family. The leftover strawberries went into a Ziploc bag and were placed in the fridge. Around two weeks later, I open the fridge to discover them sitting there untouched off to the side of the bottled water. When inspecting them, I found no signs of mush or rottage or general ickiness. They stayed in the fridge. At that point, I wasn’t gonna eat strawberries that were over two weeks old, even if they did look fine. Just wanted to keep them around to see how long it’d be before they didn’t look fine. Thursday night, this past week, there are the strawberries, looking fresh as ever! Nearly two months after their purchase. Magic fridge, I tell you!

Also Thursday night, Bean takes out the milk dated for March 9th and says it looks, smells and tastes (ew, brave girl) totally fine. On March 23rd! I’m not a milk fan, with the exception of it being accompanied by homemade chocolate chip cookies and/or the occasional morning cereal, so I couldn’t tell ya why we still had March 9th milk at that point, as it’s part of Bean’s domain. All the same, magic fridge!

We have a basket that sits right next to the fridge that holds all of our bread. There are potato buns, wheat rolls, and loaves of white, pumpernickel, and honey pecan at present. And Kaiser hotdog buns, too. None of these have yet to mold. Weeks and weeks have past for some of the items we’ve never got around to consuming and they remain fine. Obviously because, they’re located next to said magic fridge!

So, Bean and I find this all very strange and will most likely continue to discover such anomalies, but no worries! If you find yourself over for a meal at some point, we promise not to offer you, or prepare anything for you, from our magical byproducts. They are purely for show and to oooo and ahhhh over as time marches on.

Speaking of marching …

Months ago, maybe back in Octoberish, Novemberish, I was watching some late night talk show, I wanna say it was Craig Ferguson, pretty sure, I know it was channel 7, and it wasn’t Dave, so it had to be, and there was this fantabulous performer on! A band where the lead singer, thin and dressed kinda urban 70’s, indie-rockerish in an overly-tight LaCoste type striped crew shirt (need the visual) is up there singing the song, (oh, he had pants on, too, jeans) doing his thing, and what made him so flipping cool was the fact that he was marching. Yeah, marching to the song kinda, it had to do with the lyrics so there was a method to the madness, but I was so sure I’d come across the CD they were promoting or hear the song again somewhere that I didn’t make note of their name, or, whether it’s a band name, or just his name, performing as a solo artist. Either way, I completely LOVED the performance, so much energy! I’ve asked a few musically astute friends who, if anyone would know, it’d be them, and they have no idea either. Bummer! Maybe I dreamed him … ♦

Oh, Danny Boy

Rewatched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest this past week. Uh, yeah, why’d I wait so long to rewatch that, I wonder? Too good! Seriously, I’d forgotten how great Jack is. Just one of those givens I take for granted until I’m freshly acquainted with the work. He’s so handsome in that movie, too. Please clone, and send me one, please. Caught a glimpse of The Shining in flipping channels as well. Love! Seen many, many a frightening film, but was really afraid to watch that one for some reason. Rented it several years back and watched it on mute knowing that the music is what freaks me out, clueing me in on when to sit on edge and preparing me to jump and such. So, the film wasn’t scary for me at all. Because it’s the only one I’ve watched entirely on mute, though, I find that it’s images are fairly well burned into my mind. Especially the color palette Kubrick used in the film. Rewatched it with sound. Favorite, the sound of Danny’s big wheel alternating between rug and hard floor. Watched the extras, and included was footage of Jack waiting around on the set while the crew does it’s thing in preparation for the shot. He comes off as a real down-to-earth-jovial-kinda guy who knows everybody and acknowledges them, too. Duvall on the other hand spends a good deal of time pissing and moaning to the camera about what amounts to being jealous of the attention Jack commands. No wonder I rooted for Jack to get her in the film. So, all this to say, I LOVE THE 30-SECOND BUNNIES!!

Check them out:

Discovered them last year when I was doing research for one of my Flash animation projects. I so wanna create my own take on it! As homage to them, of course, so as not to rip off their brilliant work. Bean wants me to do Jurassic Park. Dilemma: What other creature is really gonna translate as well as bunnies, though? BUNNIES. The word itself connotates cuteness. I mean, what the heck other animal is gonna be half as effective … hedgehogs? No. Bats? NO. See? Will just have to wait until they create their own Jurassic Park version because I’ve brainstormed lists and lists of little critters, to no avail. The Shining‘s my favorite followed closely by It’s A Wonderful Life. There are a slew of new ones posted I have yet to watch since I last checked the site a few months ago. Oooo, and can’t wait to watch the Casablanca one!

So, it’s all very fitting that I’ve recently viewed The Shining and all, as I’m currently still painting the new place. Should have been done weeks ago, but a host of activity has kept me from completion. So, this weekend continues the painting of the hallwalls. They are a deep, lovely red. Red requires more coats than many colors do in order to give an even look, though. Knowing that, I slapped the first coat up a few nights ago, not really paying attention to the overall look of it until Bean pointed out our bloody walls. Yeah, they totally look like dripping, bloody walls (said with faux English accent). A bit creepy, I gotta say. Can’t wait until they’re done! ♦

And the OSCAR Goes to …

CRASH needs to win the Oscar for best picture, hands down. Sunday is Oscar night. YAY! Many love awards shows, many find them a snore. Me, love! A night dedicated to the best Hollywood has to offer (usually, that is, and yes, with some debate) in fun, entertaining, and hopefully, thought-provoking movies. Stories that need to be told and are a pleasure to view. Here are just a few thoughts that come to mind about the whole affair …

So, though Joaquin Phoenix is a personal favorite, le sigh, let alone, Mr. Cash, it would be great to see Terence Howard win for Best Actor in Hustle & Flow. Especially when that performance is juxtaposed alongside his performance in Crash. Night and day! Philip Seymour Hoffman, too, did a wonderful job of embodying Capote with his baby voice and minimal mannerisms and particular walk and stance.

Weak in character, he is, devious little man.

ASIDE: It’s rumored that Capote actually wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, his good friend Harper Lee’s famed story, which is among my favorites. Not sure how I feel about that … guess I’m just glad it was written! The thought that Atticus Finch and Holly Golightly were birthed from the same mind, two most glorious characters, is a lovely thought. Odd, too, since in the film Capote, Truman wasn’t portrayed as very sympathetic, a trait I’d think would be key in creating the integrity and stand-upness found in the lawyer Atticus Finch and the fragility and optimism in Ms. Golightly. Instead, he was rather self-serving, all about, me, me, me, in fact, with his canoodling of a murderous and troubled man. He wins the man’s trust in order to coax the details of the brutal murder from him with declarations of wishing to show the public the remaining humanity in the man and his partner in crime via his novel. Only, instead, he writes a book entitled In Cold Blood which says it all. Yeah, and then keeps it from the man, whom he’s fallen in love with to further entangle things, burdened with the fact that he must not release the much anticipated book until the man is killed via capital punishment, or else be found out. Weak in character, he is, devious little man. Whew! That was quite the aside … so, back to it:

As for Heath Ledger, true, he did a fine job in Brokeback Mountain, but not worthy of an Oscar. I could barely understand the man throughout the entire film. Mumble, mumble … marbles in his mouth! Even so, I would have thought he should still be in the running UNTIL just watching The Order. Yeah, it was the same acting job! Just insert a priest, or two, and a crazy, painting girl for Jake, and voila! Same turmoil and pain displayed on screen.

Syriana, George Clooney should not be winning in the supporting actor category. Please, noooooo! He did nothing out of character or especially note-worthy to my recollection. This film, I took a nap in. This, coming from a girl who worked 4 years in a movie theatre, spending many, many nights watching new films into the wee hours of the morning, checking for correct splicing and soundtrack match-ups. Snooozzzzze. Yeah, the last time I fell asleep in a film, it was Judge Dredd, for two minutes. And, I liked that film even. For what it was. At 3 o’clock in the morning.

Matt Dillon’s character in Crash was written very well, multi-faceted, many levels incorporated, and he pulled it off wonderfully. I loathed him, pitied him, identified with him, and learned from him as the movie progressed. William Hurt is an interesting pick for a nominee. He definitely had a different, hard edge to him in History of Violence. But, when I saw that movie, I along with the audience basically laughed when he came on screen. Not because he was bad, but a little absurd in his portrayal really. Ahhh, Mr. Giamatti needs to be nominated for the BIG ONE, an actual Best Actor, none of this Supporting schtuff, and then he needs to win. He’s perfectly wooonderful!

It set a slow, deliberate pace with it’s sweeping cinematography and forlorn, drawling soundtrack.

I don’t have much to say either way for any of the female nominees this year … there were some solid roles, strong performances, nothing that makes me want to take it and run with it, though. Next year, more to say, maybe.

I guess, back to Crash as Best Picture. NOT BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Please, not. Capote, I was definitely enthralled, captivated, anxiously waiting to see what was to happen next. Not even sure what caused the film to have that affect on me, but it did all the same, so I wouldn’t put up too much of a fuss if it ended up taking the Oscar. But, Brokeback Mountain, though a good film, simply shouldn’t win. I liked the film. It set a slow, deliberate pace with its sweeping cinematography and forlorn, drawling soundtrack. It was a tasteful telling of a topic of controversy. It made me cry. Still, it was a good movie at best. Not excellent. Or worthy of the little golden guy!

Crash should win!!! It’s an original screenplay. Fantabulous! Although I believe every film nominated in the Best Picture category this year gives an excellent lesson to be learned, I’d say that Crash embodies all those lessons. The prejudices and judgments, the coldness, and hardness of heart, all of that evil stuff we humans unleash on each other that needs to go out the second story window, was captured in this movie. There were amazingly intense moments, and situations where I saw myself, none too proudly, at times in the past. Best of all, and what helps to set it apart from the rest, is that amongst all the evil and wrong doing, it still offers up moments of hope. Something we all need. It shows that the heart can be softened, eyes can be opened, minds can be enlightened. It does this with honesty, not by tidily wrapping up the conclusion of the film with a great, big, happy ending, no. Instead it leaves us with the truth, that humans will go on being human, judgments and prejudices will continue. And, we’ll deal with it. ♦