Strawberry Quesadilla.


Strawberry Quesadilla.
Things to do with store-bought tortillas. Ding! Found a solution. I’m ruined for anything but freshly made ones thanks to Carmen’s handy work, though seeing that my first attempt at them needs more work- texture trouble- I bought a pack and gave it a go. Cream cheese, cinnamon, orange zest and le juice- uh, yum?! Layer after layer, all graced with a heap of strawberries. Next time, will not be stopping at ten layers, trying thirty instead.


Why does my favorite fruit have to be shaped like a heart?


Went for a walk.
Met a tree.


Ever faithful.
St. Patrick’s Day giftings! Yay!
Man, do I love flowers! And cooking. And homemaking. And munchkins. How the heck did I end up so enjoying the work of the quintessential housewife? Ran from that role a long time.
Gonna keep running.


Enquire within.
Redid the porch decor. It’s a bit “wicked Wonderland.” Did I go a little overboard? Good. ♦

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Late Risings, Late Breakfasts.


Late risings, late breakfasts.
Thanks, Bean. Thanks, Shane. Thanks, pig, chicken and Mr. Wonka.


Never had quite that many people in my kitchen all dying Easter eggs at once! Must repeat next year.


Doubly so.
Love a good neon sign. Found an old restaurant in town recently where the neon sign along the wall demanded a photo (three). The waitress had a Scandinavian accent and made everything we ordered into a sing-song. Coffee, coffee, pie, pie … would you like jelly, jelly? Toasty, toasty.
Just some jam, mam.


Calico Cupboard Cafe & Bakery’s Honey Fudge Nut Pie.
They had me at “honey.”
This spectacular slice made for full forks and mouths. The place is named among the best spots to kiss in the NW, though I suggest swallowing first. ♦

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