Plastic Critter

Ordered Christmas stocking stuffing from Perpetual Kid recently, and today when opening the delivery, this little guy greeted me! Munching on a packing peanut, no less. Practicing what they preach, yay!

Apple Cheddar Pie

Shane and Bean’s apple pie with cheddar crust, tart and savory.

Closing in on my favorite holiday, planning and prepping. Acknowledging the current blessings in life, as some have gone and others yet remain.

“Autumn Leaves Pile

Missing autumn already.
Do wish I could take all the falls of my life, string them together, and live in that stretch of time a while. ♦



A new one all broken in.


Rooms with nite lites are far more creepy than ones without, yes?
Love this one in particular, the blue’s my absolute favorite, though can’t capture the exact shade no matter how I try. It’s very much like someone took Crayola’s discontinued green-blue crayon of days past (not to be confused with blue-green, not nearly as nice), and lit it up from within. ♦

A Match.


A match.
Patrick graced me with a smile over our matching foot attire. Likin’ the green peeping through those lace holes.


Totally thrilled to attend a classic car show a while back only to arrive to one little road lined either side with vehicles. A molehill to the mountain of shows in times past where a literal field was filled with every model imaginable.
The sunny side up of a smaller show? Getting to talk shop with each and every restorer/buyer of the vehicles. I so love shop! ♦