A rather smallish, mini-like cake, hence, it was attacked with a fork to its middle, forewent a dignified slicing altogether. Made it about halfway through, no more.


More love, less fear. The inner hippie emergeth. In attempts to cage fear in all its ugly attack, I remind myself, who the heck ever got anything worth gettin’ by being safe?


Little Foot.
Today was partially devoted to munchkins of the male persuasion. Three sweet brothers, big to little, with plenty of Seuss (hit), baseball (hit), and mac n’ cheese (miss) in the mix. A little Land Before Time, too. ♦

Front Door Signage …


Front door signage …
… at, where else, the front door!
Awesome, possum. Dead possum. Road kill. Cafe! Ok, not quite. It’s Jimmy Mac’s! Fun backwoods, down-home, countrified eats complete with peanut shells on the floor.


Old comfort.
New PJs.
New floofy, fluffy, flippety, Muppety slippers.
A bottled Coca-Cola.


Dutch Babies!
Or German Pancakes, take your pick. By any other name, they remain just as sweet! Bean’s on a kick making these regularly now for the household. No complaints here. Gonna swap the traditional lemon juice for a little orange juice and zest, and accompany the powdered sugar with some cinnamon. Heightened delish!


Vivace Espresso’s White Velvet.
Such pretty patterns drizzled atop each drink, edible art, yay! Those would be Madeleines in the foreground there, too, making this an evening’s perfect treat.


Turtle, turtle.
Chocolate from Cancun via a woman gifting my dad treats at work upon her trip’s return. Though many ended up broken in transit, he rummaged through the pieces to present me with a turtle still in tact.
Collective “awwwh.” :) ♦

It’s What’s Inside That Counts


It’s what’s inside that counts.
A perfectly Deborah-esque gift lies just under the lid. I love, love, love to be known.


Gems and intricate beadery cover the top of this little box, airing on the side of the gaudy like a wonderfully garish cocktail ring to be found on the likes of Auntie Mame.


My very own.
New vinyl for Christmas!


And who owns an awesome new coin purse?
I do, I do! Thanks, Bean. Pass the relish. And a handful of ’64 silver quarters.


I’m a sucker for reference material, what can I say?
And lately, chubby birds, too. Though this particular one’s not of the chubby variety, he does display a bit of peacockage, so he’s fine by me. ♦