Red Pepper Rice Soup With Sausage.


Red Pepper Rice Soup With Sausage.
Much fun had in making this! Extra cilantro, le duh, and a hefty ratio of sour cream to top it off.


Straw or spoon?
Thai dinner with Travis. We ordered the maximum stars available cuz we’re spicy like that. Gifted me a jar of lovely peach butter, made it himself. Breakfast can’t come fast enough.
Thank you, Lord, for friends.


I spy spring.
Can we go back to fall already? I haven’t felt like spring in a few years now. Gosh, I sound like a sourpuss.


Killed me, Smalls.
These were the most appley yellow apples I’ve ever seen! Here, they look like the most ordinary of everyday, the camera’s not captured them well at all.
Not captured well at all … answer me, how is one to have fallen in love with another, when another never offered up enough of himself to fall with? Ponderance. ♦


“Gummy Wabbits

Wabbits! We ate the leprechauns, but luckily there were these colorful critters to be found alongside the gold at the rainbow’s end. Got yer green on? Olive, here, with mint nails, does that count? Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Much cow and cabbage to you, some soda bread, too.

“Fluorescent Petticoat

Sam-a-lamma-sosa’s petticoat! Attended an Irish festival complete with a dance performance by every age bracket imaginable including sweet-skirted little girls. Their last song, Footloose, in a less-than-traditional turn, had me headed home for a Chris Penn recap. If you hanker, too, have a quick view here, although, the poster’s gone and added their own beat. ♦