Aaaaaaaggggghhh! A Talking Sausage!


Aaaaaaaggggghhh! A talking sausage!
A joke so well known we can skip it altogether. Punchlined! Prepared some roasted sausage and potatoes recently.


I crave tomatoes like crazy lately. Iron deficiency? If so, no longer. I may turn into a giant tomato any day now. Killer.
Note to self: Sharpen knives.


Monkey on your back?
Me, too.


Went back for a meal after many, many a year. An average ho-hum, everyday-ordinary-kinda place. And they have a bit of my heart.
As a little kid, my mom would put me in the car and off we’d go to meet my dad for dinner from time to time. It always seemed new and exciting and yet familiar and comforting at the same time. On the good days, I’d say the same about life. ♦

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Oh, So.


Oh, so.
Today, I feel pretty.
These gorgeous trees beckoned from across the road, their short distance away gave them the appearance of bits of cotton candy all up and down the branches.


Were you inspired by another this week, were you moved?
I was.
The week’s dinner highlights included this here Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa. Note the clever banana lurking there in the background.


Dear future, can’t wait to meet you.
In the meantime, took a visit to the past recently what with the thoroughly nostalgic Rockwell exhibit in town. An hour’s wait just to enter! Love that, many out ‘n’ about for art’s sake. Too much to share in attempting to sum up Norman, so I won’t. ♦

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