Yer Gonna Have to Gimme More Than That.


Yer gonna have to gimme more than that.
Words not at all necessary with this particular bit of whimsy and wonder!


An Occidental discovery.
The first display by local artist Suzanne Tidwell, exhibited in Occidental Park located in the Pioneer District of south downtown Seattle. My voice goes up three octaves in exclaiming how much I love this exhibit! Assigning it all a word: curio! Something unusual and perhaps worthy of collection. Photos will suffice.


Why don’t you get things started?
Tidwell did a similar series over in Bellevue, though the colors weren’t nearly as appealing. Here, I feel there be Muppets ready to spring from behind trees! Alas, no, they be bums. Yes, many a bum lingers and loiters in this here square, yet despite the frequent ogles and kitty calls, photos ensued. How could they not? Made the time between arrival downtown and meeting up with Trav and friends for the Mariners fly. Bang, zoom!


It ain’t easy.
Who’s got a new and fabulous desk chair? That’d be me, green, clean and not at all mean. Yep, me and the chair. No chair here, but that bit of knit made tree leaning a little more comfy. Even made it through a chapter in the latest read. ♦

Curiouser and Curiouser.


Curiouser and curiouser.
I can go outside, walk up the street and back down again, and have more of a story and adventure to tell than one who’s traveled the whole wide world. Curiosity and creativity, companions.


Taught my little friend the importance of the word “yet” recently.
She asks, “Are you married?”
“No,” I say.
“Does anyone want to marry you?” she continues.
“Several have, but I didn’t want to marry them,” I reply.
“Why not?” she questions.
I tell her a story that I heard in a film recently. If you’re a lion and you wait and wait and wait for another lion to come along, but only a giraffe, a nice giraffe, comes along instead, do you take up with the giraffe, or do you keep waiting for that lion?
Even grade schoolers get it, you wait. Does that make me more noble? No. More true than those I’ve seen settle? Maybe. More passionate? Definitely. After completing her inspired drawing above, she says, “If you get married, I can’t have you all to myself.” Melt.
Note the “Dedorah.” Must add something: “Ded … or … ah … live!” ♦