Big Night


Marvelous film! The only saving grace in not having known of its existence (!) till now, is having had the pleasure of discovering it. Love such discoveries! Brothers Primo and Secondo (charming names, yes?) run an Italian restaurant in America during the 1950’s, a time when most all foreign fare was Americanized, much to the chagrin of one of the truly talented brothers, a chef set on offering up no culinary compromise. Yes, he’d prefer not to serve up pasta alongside rice (spaghetti with risotto, shut your mouth), nor will he provide the standard meatball accompaniment with his spaghetti. It vants to be alone. Still enjoy a good meatball with mine in recent years, what can I say. Or two, these things go well in pairs. And though not near, I surely now see the construction of timpano in my future. Quite the undertaking! ♦



Time for an upgrade to the latest iPhone model this next month. Couldn’t bring myself to part with this darn case on the oldish model for the longest. Bought multiple copies of it even, to ensure a long life due to the canvas being prone to extra wear ‘n’ tear. Everyone always thinks I drew the lady in green on it, but, no. A Swedish artist off in Sweden somewhere did so. Thanks, Swedish artist off in Sweden somewhere, it’s been lovely. ♦