Mind Blown: An Odd Take On Cobwebs

I’m strangely proud of them, seeing them as a novelty as opposed to a sign of neglect. There’s pride in ownership as though I’ve earned it somehow. X amount of days spent living on this splendid planet with its not always quite as splendid residents equals a cobweb earned. One’s presence means I’ve had a home- a wall, ceiling or doorway, a darkened high up and away corner for it to accumulate in. In cleaning ceiling to floor, I’ve passed over them the few times I’ve encountered one. No such badge of honor to bunnies of dust, mind you. Regretfully, I’ve no image for accompaniment, just lying in bed and enjoying my ceiling before the inevitable zonk out. A post hardly qualifying as audio or visual, you’ll just have to pretend, I suppose.You know how to pretend, don’t you? Just put your mind together and- ♦

I Sing of a Maiden | Patrick Hadley, Kings College Choir, Cambridge

I’ve been all awash in Christmas choral music as of late. The most recent listen was I Sing of a Maiden by this fellow Patrick Hadley. In introducing the work, the radio announcer mentioned that in the time of telegrams, many minced words in order to save on money, as they were charged by the verbage. Still, Hadley was known for the inclusion of additional phrases such as “I say.” Some may have found it wasteful. I find it charming. Allows a bit of character and personality to shine through, I say. ♦

The Second Is of No Matter.


I’m all about the nonfiction and how-to’s, so when reading along with others, I like to get lost in the strangeness of fiction. The latest book club read had me ready for the romantical and relatable, though for all that the main duo endured, it seemed to fall short of the emotional resonance I signed up for, though perhaps purposefully so in an attempt by the author to offer a little privacy of sorts for her grandparents, as it’s their very story she chose to impart to the reader. She shared the events and happenings of their lives, the gist, just none of the heart of it. Managed to take away two bits, at least, one being … ♦

Fine Sight


Watching Frozen Planet, the autumn episode currently. I always enjoy this particular narrator’s voice. Though, what I really wish I were up to is the Banff Mountain Film Festival. I’ve gone several times in years past, and each time come away with a renewed sense of adventure and awe for the planet and its residents. It’s featured in the city of Olympia among others- no complaints here- I welcome a view of the Capitol building most any time- but this year I wanted to catch it in North Bend, a town made famous by Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Thought to look it up too late this time around! Getting by with the fine sight of the Brünnich’s Guillemots up among the cliffs. And all the marvelous snow, that light! ♦