Craigslist Joe

Heart warming! Glimpses into the lives of an array of people along the way and their corners of the world. I imagine there was a sense of security and emboldening for both Joe and the Craigslisters due to the presence of the camera. Still, words and actions of the participants aside- camera-influenced, or not- their home environments offered their own silent views of truth. ♦

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Now Accepting Happy Surprises. Had Fun Giving Some!


Now accepting happy surprises. Had fun giving some!
I’m full up on the other kind.
Huge hope and desire for the year ahead- to be effective, to make an indelible impression, to be allowed the tangible. Rainbows and starshine shooting from the bum as well? Sure, why not.


Gone, but not forgotten.
The season may be over, but there was nothing like dismembered elfin heads all strung in a row to celebrate.


Hey, ya hear the one about-
Yeah, me neither. Did hear bunches of holiday music this past month instead. Wasn’t all-together ready to pack it up and in. It brought a sense of nostalgia with it that I’ve hungered for. No hippo, though. Plenty of new Crayolas via Bean in these nifty silver packages- time for a crayon party. You think I’m kidding. ♦

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