Okay, There’s No Dilly, But What’s a Rhyme to Do?


And that’s really my 3-bean sweet chili based on a recipe from a friend. Before receiving it, I’d asked what made it sweet. It’s meant to have a half cup of brown sugar, but she suggested much more than that to which I always strictly adhere. Those green peppers were destined for another dish entirely, but thought I’d make quick work of them in the colorful lineup. 


Speaking of Sweet Home, I was out on the road recently passing through Oregon, and enjoying a handful of city names along the way. Among them- Drain, Tangent, Talent and Riddle. Sometimes there was a gem amongst the restaurants as well- Heaven On Earth and The Bee Gee’s Diner, for two. ♦

Government Cheese



Utter delight! Housed in this nifty wrapping lies The Wonderbook of Fun– wonder still in tact and fully vintage- now displayed atop my children’s book collection. As to that little mouse, does it gossip, blow bubbles or perhaps, smoke? I’d like to stitch a few black lines into that little bubble to indicate speech, I’m thinkin’. “Pssst,” she whispers, “Got any government cheese?” ♦