Japan’s take on all things crispity ’n’ crunchity. Mountain Dew Cheetos, anyone? Perhaps Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos? The latest in a series called “Doritos Gourmet”- also featuring Clammed Chowder, Germaned Potato, and Smoked Bacon- these chips fill a void in the market for powdered essence of creamed seafood. Yum? That IS the question. ♦

What a Peach



A cultishly-followed quarterly journal all about food, it’s Lucky Peach. Got a subscription last year, and have enjoyed so much of what it’s presented me! I fell behind in reading at some point, so still have this issue awaiting near the bed, though it’s from some time back now. I remember when it arrived, staring at its cover, wondering why I’d been sent the treasure trove of womanly bits portrayed in an array of fresh foodly delights. Why not the man’s, pray tell? It was only after a week or more in transporting it from my car’s backseat to my bed’s nightstand that I happened to flip it over and in so doing discovered the double cover.

The best bits: the strawberry, of course, and that grapefruit. The red pepper and pitted plumb may stay as well. The figs and the oyster have gotta go, though. I spy white-tipped asparagus, a nanna, pickle, a hot diggity, a pepper, chorizo and huevos. The male side offers up some of my favorites, it seems. My nightstand remains remarkable. ♦