“A Hole Lot of Fun”

Praline Cream Dream

Ya know, you finally buy a new couch and this is what happens. NEVER home to occupy it. I don’t know, is a couch one to be occupied? Sat upon, rather. Curled up in the corner of, legs tucked under. Ding! Potatoed.

Had designs on a new blue velvet one years ago when I was quite in love with cobaltish blue. Sing it, Bobby. Walked into a thrift store soon after and fell for a deeply set low-backed rust number priced at fifty bucks. Sold! Still missing it now, though the springs had long since sprung when it left earlier this month. I absolutely adore a good Chesterfield but already have a loveseat housed in the blue room in just such a style. Bought a semi-ornate Old World brown leather monstrosity back in November only to find it couldn’t make the pass around the sharp turn to the left down the hall after entering the front door. Picked out less of a monstrosity in a charcoal tweed. It took its time getting here, but we seem to like each other despite my obvious neglect as of late.

Still eyebrow high in the typical JAN/FEB overtime slog for the company catalog. Le grump. That’s spelled O.V.E.R.T.I.M.E. Yes, ten Ritz crackers and two Lifesavers did not a proper dinner make. At least one of the Savers was pineapple. Someone had a lovely breast of chicken and some veggies prepped for roasting in the fridge even, but nooo. All things circular, it was.

Just like breakfast a few weeks back. Decadent and divine macarons with praline cream. Our decorator bestows her baking talents upon us here and there. Cookies for breakfast? Sometimes. For tonight’s dinner? Let’s hope not. ♦


Egg Flower Soup
Here, the simplicity of egg flower soup cradled close at one of the many local teriyaki joints. Quells the slight chill blown in from outside. I used to love Mondays, and it’s a goal to do so again.

Fortune Me This
Friends give me their fortunes from time to time knowing I like to collect them, but this one’s all my own. A handful of potentially wonderful career opportunities occurred this past year, just none quite panned out. Yet. ♦

Let them be heavy on the duper, i.e., of the greatest excellence, size, effectiveness, and impressiveness.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Return.


I love a Crock-Pot day.


Sure, it’s not as fancy schmancy as the spicy herbed butternut squash I made for a side at Christmas (one of many), but if walls had nostrils, mine would clap. And clapping nostrils, well, that’s pretty spectacular. An animated gif justing waiting to happen!


Have the likes of this jolly pile to house away with Around the World In 80 Days as company. First up though, pine needle patrol. Break out the Hoover, er, Dyson. Watching an old Christmas tree bounce off the pavement from the balcony above was strangely enjoyable this morning. I usually prefer my trees upright and well rooted. Anomalies can be good though, like this screenshot of my Pinterest feed, how it chose to populate itself recently. Not particularly useful, but oh so patternrific!


The reward for all the hustle ’n’ bustle will be a trip to see Big Eyes later on, looking forward! I shan’t blink but once. ♦