Pompi … doody?


Despite the rather rude and dismissive reviews that popped up for Pompidou, Matt Lucas’s new silent comedy that debuted several months back, I absolutely love that he gave it a go! The timing, the gibberish, the buffoonery (look how fun that word is!), and please, more animatronic dog puppetry! Sure, I’ve based my assessment on the viewing of one episode and some change, but even so, given the intended audience, I’d say it hit its mark. Evaluate it accordingly. Silly and predictable at times, yet nearly charming at others.


In other things Matt Lucas, love the garish delight of this image (!) during a run of Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre in London, 2011. ♦

Cuts Like


Birthdays, but once a year. Conjured up a mix of some of Bean’s favorites- breakfast, brownies, butter, and bacon.


She didn’t waste any time plating them and sharing an image of her handy work. Rightfully, these should be pancakes in keeping with her favorites, but sometimes waffles gotta waffle.


Of course, I made a test case beforehand and was sure to dispose of the resulting evidence quite well. ♦

Addition: on being known.
When dropping the package off at her place on the way to work, I knew she was likely in bed reading. Getting her attention might’ve proven difficult, as she wouldn’t have taken her phone off silent just yet, so texting and calling would be of no use. I rang the bell as I always do. She opened the door shortly, and after birthday greetings and chitly chat, she said she only bothered checking the door because of the specific ring that always means “Deborah.”

Mind Your Manor

You Know How

Thought I’d cleaned the place well and good for this year’s previously mentioned Easter celebration. But then there was a hiccup in the egg hunt. Shane couldn’t find his last blue egg. Helped most everyone else find some of theirs and ended up coming in last place because of this little guy sitting on my bedroom window ledge. Kingfisher Blue. The ledge, not the egg. Don’t know if blue’s his favorite for a reason or because he’s colorblind and counts it among colors he can see. Perhaps both. More importantly, look! A cobweb belied the big Easter clean. And happily so what with my odd take on cobwebs. Alas, the wide open window of weeks past has up and blown it away. ♦