Lobsters pee out of their faces. WHAT? A fact that’s escaped my ears all these years. Common knowledge? It’s how they communicate, whether fighting or looking for a lobster mate. Imagine humans doing so! Unless there were a supply-on-demand ability which we lack currently, maybe we’d end up fighting less and not straying from our mates as much. That, or take up drinking A LOT more fluids. ♦



I was down in Portland recently for eats, Powell’s Books, and a concert (in that order). With so many people passing through the store, it felt more like a train station, somehow diminishing that lovely reverent quality found when surrounded by many books.

Later, standing outside the Wonder Ballroom on the way in for the concert, it occurred to me, not too shabby a word to have jutting outta the side of a building all aglow.


Take yer pick. ♦

In Dreams

When you have such delicious dreams that you wake up incredibly, hungry.


Took a trip down to Portland this past weekend where this sign dared greet me as I parked the car.

In adding to the partial glimpse of daily life that I maintain here over the years, I’ve released a bunch of recentish posts originally shared over on that drab creature called Facebook. Scrolling down or clicking on the corresponding category to the left should do the trick in viewing each and every. ♦

The Curk- to Have a Good and/or Fun Time

Irish slang!


Off to stare straight up the nose of that infamous third place Upper Class Twit of the Year, John Cleese, this eve. He’s indubitably as excited about it as we are.


Nearly stepped on this clover found glued to the pavement. May it wear well with time, and enjoy itself tremendously today!


When I happened across this shot of Arthur from the tv show of the same name, a certain viral BBC correspondence video from last week featuring cutie pie kids, one being a yellow-sweatered little girl in glasses with a sprightly walk, sprang to mind. ♦