A Monday Night Moment


Just now happened across this meme while searching for something entirely different, my usual mode for finding things. Memes like these are unsightly- the text is crawling off the right side and is all unduly outlined and blocky. Even so, made me laugh. I read it and thought, “What hairy arm?” followed immediately by “How’d that cat get a box seat?” Only then did I see the arm. To my credit (ish), I first viewed it in tiny Google image search mode.

Flipped on the tv for the first time in ages as well (I’ve been in a world of movies and binged programs), and it looks like Freddy vs. Jason is concluding. Rather timely, as I’ve watched Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy recently, and felt like a whole chunk of teendom (or maybe “teendumb”?) came forth from the depths of a memory in need of a good jolt from time to time. ♦



Time for the Washington State Spring Fair- AKA- it will forever be the PUYALLUP Fair to me. I don’t do the spring version, but know the layout of the grounds by heart come autumn. The floofiness of this bunny! Years back, I approached the row of Angora bunnies, and all that could be seen was fluff, pure, magical fluff poofing from each cage. As I made my way down the aisle, this little face managed to look back at me. Presumably. ♦