Here’s artist Lorenzo Quinn’s 2017 installation of a rather formidable pair of hands emerging from the waters of a Venice canal to assist the historic Ca’ Sagredo Hotel. Rising tides threaten the structure of the city as time marches on, due in part to climate change. Aptly named “Support,” the sculpture exists to remind us all of our role in caring for the planet on which we reside.

For those that doubt the existence of climate change, its underling global warming, and their damaging effects on the earth, even were it to be found 110% false, it remains a matter of respect and preventative care, both of intrinsic moral value all on their own. In short, you don’t sh!t where you eat. ♦



When you’re reading and listening to music at the same time and the word sung is the word YOU ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY READING. Yeah, just happened. Word? Potato.

Speaking of, made some extra crispity smashed ones. ♦



Returned home from celebrating my mom just a bit ago. Full up on Italian food! Here she is in one of my favorite pics of her with a short knobby-kneed tot of a tyke I still see in the mirror from time to time. My mom faithfully tells me just how much she loves and is proud of me, looks on the bright side continually, and never puts any pressure on me to be anyone other than myself. Thanks, Mom! ♦