This, That, and the Other

This, That, and the Other

It’s Shane’s birthday tomorrow- he enjoys Kevin Bacon tremendously, but I’ve restrained myself from gifting him a Friday the 13th Bacon tie-in of some sort.


Speaking of hockey, went to my first game last year, and this pic pretty much captures my favorite thing about the experience: the green lit strips embedded into the pavement at the entrance to the ShoWare Center. Blame it on the mindless oaf in front of me whose violent fanaticism left me struggling to not act out a bout of fanatical violence. Would’ve been fine except for the fact that his seven-to-eightish year old son sat right next to him taking it all in. Plus, our guys- the Thunderbirds- played sloppily, and a little dirty, but not in a fun way. I much admired the other team (which team was it again…) for their grace and ability to actually execute an orchestrated play versus scrappily act on the defense and crudely attempt a helter-skelter grab at the puck. I’m talking out of my bum a bit, having not followed hockey ever, I just know how their abilities compared visually, at least at that particular game.


While watching the Academy Awards this year, I teared up during the memoriam when I saw that Joseph Bologna passed away in 2017. He was a face (more than) from childhood. I was ah, nuts over his show Rags to Riches. ♦

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