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Mini Cinnamon Swirl Trifles.


Mini Cinnamon Swirl Trifles.
Thanks be to the backup ham.
In talking with Bean about the next steps in getting the meal from the kitchen to the table, she glanced over my shoulder off into the distance. I looked at her questioningly and as she brought her gaze back to me, she says, “Out your window there, I thought I saw something blowin’ in the wind,” to which of course I reply, “I do hope it’s the answer, my friend.” I’d just made a rather bloody go of carving a leg of lamb. Or trying. The result was nothing short of a small scale slaughter, unfortunately.
That hunk of meat- in a word, gelatinous. With no time to run my usual pre-holiday test when serving up a new main dish, I chose to wing it resulting in less than stellar results. With each passing hour, what should have produced a medium rare ode to the lamb that gave its life, instead proved a challenge for even my most worthy of knives. Minutes passed by as I sawed away, at last arriving at a near liquid center. Yummy. Clearly no reasonable passage of time was going to allow us to serve it up that day, so in the end, it was given the heave-ho. Thankfully, I’d been porkin’ the roast, uh, roastin’ the pork all along, taking our ham from second star to the right all the way to lonestar status.
And dessert? Twasn’t to be trifled with.


Peep, peep, peep! Cheap.
Here a peep, there a peep, everywhere a- yeah, yeah, this year I skewered ‘em.


Stay Puft.
And that they did, despite their status on a stick. ♦

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Tomorrow Is Another Day.


Tomorrow is another day.
With hair nearly down to my bum again, thought I could afford to fiddle (dee-dee). The bottom twoish inches have gone green.


Easy-peasy, darlin’.
Testing a few recipes for Easter as of late. Today’s contribution is dressed in green, of course. Roasted asparagus. Couldn’t be simpler. Here, with garlic and lemon, though I’m thinking prosciutto and orange zest will ultimately win out.


In other things green and full of blarney …
Wasn’t off to a rightly Irish start this morning what with a Spanish omelette for brunch, but dining with a “Shannon” in attendance counts for something. Also something- a new olive loveseat! My dad likens it to Camille’s settee. It keeps this rather large peace lily company, one of my favorite recent findings. And today’s? Picked up a slide whistle and now life’s 2.5 times more the comedic wonder.


Stars among the carbs.
Someone had a birthday sometime back. She was gifted a cake. She liked it. She doesn’t generally speak of herself in the third person. But, she’s begun, and now can’t seem to stop. ♦

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It’s Never As Bad As It Looks.


It’s never as bad as it looks.
Oh, I’m pretty sure that was worse. Call it a crummy way to start the new year. I almost lost my dad. A standard procedure he’d been putting off until after his ticker was fully mended, was nearly the end of him. It all went terribly wrong. Hope I’m not presumptive in proclaiming our having rounded third and nearing home, at long last. Shane’s observation of my dad’s doc being akin to Steve Zahn can only be a good thing, yes? Last year, I got to check out the portion of land surrounding the home where my dad grew up. The sun provided the best dappling by which to capture it all by.


Entering the tainment.
I was easily sidetracked with a simple glance downward where this big little guy was found munching away on lunch. You could even hear the crunch of the leaf which made for oddly novel entertainment. Just look at the number of texture types to be found on him! And to think, I’d previously dubbed slugs “the hidden enemy.”


You should seed this.
Ripe fruit for the picking. Count it the second year in a row now with less than desirable conditions coinciding and conflicting with my annual moviefest. The Oscar show itself, at least, seemed packed with references culled from a number of my own personal interests, the shiny cherry atop a soupy sundae.
Captain Kirk!
boobs & puppets (but not together)
Waltz- fellow astronomy aficionado- won
the HULK
Downey, Jr.
more dancing
the short film Curfew won
Did I mention Captain Kirk?
Zorro’s wife singing
Christopher Plummer ushered in by The Sound of Music


A single blade, both delicate and strong, enduring. A lone soldier in nature. And not a spit bug in sight.


On my side.
My greatest gift and biggest enemy, simultaneously. Time. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it the domain of Murphy. I have dreams, does it not know? At times I seem running very fast just to stay in the same place. Yes, this is life- I always love it, but sometimes I don’t like it very much. It’s simply ravaged the side of this shed, though lovely it still is, with the addition of rusted nails, bits of moss and lichen, and flaked paint to boot. I’ve no lichen yet, but I am a bit rusty on a few things myself. ♦

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Now Accepting Happy Surprises. Had Fun Giving Some!


Now accepting happy surprises. Had fun giving some!
I’m full up on the other kind.
Huge hope and desire for the year ahead- to be effective, to make an indelible impression, to be allowed the tangible. Rainbows and starshine shooting from the bum as well? Sure, why not.


Gone, but not forgotten.
The season may be over, but there was nothing like dismembered elfin heads all strung in a row to celebrate.


Hey, ya hear the one about-
Yeah, me neither. Did hear bunches of holiday music this past month instead. Wasn’t all-together ready to pack it up and in. It brought a sense of nostalgia with it that I’ve hungered for. No hippo, though. Plenty of new Crayolas via Bean in these nifty silver packages- time for a crayon party. You think I’m kidding. ♦

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Are We There Yet?


Are we there yet?
A brief walk along the waterfront today cleared recent bad dreams from my mind, swept away by the onslaught of rain and bluster, and replaced them with the sweet memory of last year’s most prized dream. A sense of enveloping warmth and completion, hope met and surpassed, yes, Christmas Eve, I woke with a smile.


Please sir, I want some more.
Bean’s nothing if not serious about her mashed potatoes. Intentionally lumpy, cuz we find we like ‘em like that.
Tomorrow is a day partially devoted to the cinema. In way of potential Oscar contenders, I’ve only seen Argo and Flight, thus far. The latter at Shane’s request- odd as he’s terrified on planes. I’ve witnessed him recoil into a near sniveling shell of himself in the very seat behind me. How he’ll ever recross the pond, I’ll never know. A little B.A. Baracus move, perhaps. On the roster ahead, Lincoln, for one. I’m told that J.G. Levitt’s in it (yay, hooray), though I’ve consistently missed him in the trailer due to the utter monstrosity that passes for hair sitting atop Tommy Lee Jones’ head.


And did you say pie? Hole right here.
My, oh my, it’s apple pie! I love making these, though plain old apple’s not quite my forte. My dad loves it, though, so that’s all it took. Plus, he made quick work of most of the apple coring and cutting himself, impressing me even, with long dormant knife skills. Who knew?
I’m coming down off a day revelling in the surest cure for what ails a lacking heart: gratitude. It never, ever fails, though it does tend to falter sooner than it once did. And this day, that of Black? I’d like to place the moron(s) that came up with Black Friday in front of one of the many oncoming paths of charging fools. How it should follow so swiftly on the heels of a day meant to reflect on all the good one possesses is beyond me. “Yes, I’m now in touch with what really matters in this here life, quick! Let’s forget, I might do something good with that acknowledgement. Instead, get me ‘n’ thee to a Wallymart.” Shame is a horrid thing, though if ever there were a place for it, this day should be it. ♦

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