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The Elusive Someday List


Years ’n’ years ago, I owned VW Beetles of the 1974 Super variety. Two, in fact, both the color of Crayola Sky Blue. Made one a pet project- removed the interior- all the seats, panels, ceiling, carpet, hardware, windows, seals, etc. Stripped and sanded the exterior down to the metal to build it back up again- primer on up. Had art cars on the mind at the time (still do)! The first paint job sits on the bottom and the redo sits on the top- complete with many a glued gem in going for a perma-raindrop-esque kinda deal. I’d love to do another someday- something wacky and outlandish, possibly clever! ♦

In Passing.

“Art Car

In passing.
Happened across another art car recently. Entitled the “Excessories Odd-yssey,” for its model (Honda Odyssey) and “excessories” for the excessive use of, yep, accessories. Beads, belts, bags, boots, it’s got it all. Created by Kelly Lyles of former notoriety with her Leopard Bernstein, now happily ensconced in a Museum in Arizona, she states. And, looky-loo! That little yellow hat-looking thingy nearing the plate has me thinking of Curious George! Monkey love.

“Feed Your Mind Vending Machine

One of each will do.

Feed Your Mind vending machines, good fun! Books, puzzles, games, art supplies, and a healthier snack, or two. ♦