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Good ‘n’ Creepy



It might as well’ve been the North Star with the way it drew me from across the parking lot on the way into the local grocery store over the weekend. This otherwise dinged and scraped up pumpkin was made the best of the bunch by having lost its stem, as it highlighted its most magnificent star.

Here’s another star- that avocado! Creepiest thing I’ve seen lately, puttin’ the moves on my chicken limone. ♦

Pick One


This past weekend t’was that time again. For a number of years now, a fellow designerly friend and I have judged the layout and advertisement portions of the Washington Journalism Education Association state contest. This means I get to spend time at a high school with teachers, get to walk the halls, visit the library, and often talk with students. This makes me happy. 

I love noting what remains the same only different

I love noting what remains the same only different– the art projects featured in the showcases caught my eye immediately. They were the same assignments doled out when I was in school- certain techniques to be attempted in pottery, larger portraits laid out on a grid, some collages here and colored paper renderings there. I have yet to catch a glimpse of the little theatre at any of these things which is a bummer. 

I sometimes take a photo and wonder how or when I’ll ever use it. Take this photo for example, it was shot on Christmas two years ago at Bean’s home. I was drawn to all the colorful pointy ends. Today, it’ll do, what with the judging and need for selection and all. It’s not too heavy on the green unfortunately, but I certainly am- decked out in an array of it from head to toe, over and undies. About to be full of avocado, too, cuz I’m nothing if not thorough. ♦



Skipped breakfast this morning. Fueled instead by the memory of a recent one- eggs baked in avocado halves. Have seen these pop up all over for a while now and had to try! Lime juice and hot pepper flakes were the makers of the dish. Needs something more next time. A marmaladed crumpet, perhaps. 

I see the culprit of a recent wonderment. 

Had a film on the other night when I heard a sound in the next room. Appropriately enough, the actress on screen calls out right then, “Hello? Is anyone there?” Thankfully, there wasn’t a peep in response. A black and white photo now lies on the floor having slid down the wall from where it’s displayed. It didn’t bode so well for the character in the scene though, less black and white, more red all over. ♦

Oh, So.


Oh, so.
Today, I feel pretty.
These gorgeous trees beckoned from across the road, their short distance away gave them the appearance of bits of cotton candy all up and down the branches.


Were you inspired by another this week, were you moved?
I was.
The week’s dinner highlights included this here Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa. Note the clever banana lurking there in the background.


Dear future, can’t wait to meet you.
In the meantime, took a visit to the past recently what with the thoroughly nostalgic Rockwell exhibit in town. An hour’s wait just to enter! Love that, many out ‘n’ about for art’s sake. Too much to share in attempting to sum up Norman, so I won’t. ♦