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How Could Such News Be True


Oh, dear sir, you’ve been beloved. You’ve been a part of our lives without ever meeting us. A teacher, a comforter, a friend. Emulated and applauded.

You’ve been an absolute favorite to those I’ve loved the very most in life. For some of them, Good Morning, Vietnam and Hook, learning every line.

For me, Mork is counted among my very first friends. A buddy I looked forward to seeing regularly, the pair of rainbow suspenders in my dad’s top drawer visited often with a na-nu, na-nu. How you managed to be Popeye- a favorite- as well, was something my young mind couldn’t quite wrap around at the time.

In later years, came o captain, my captain, and how you expanded my world. The news of Awakenings hitting the screen sent us off to the theatres next, thrilled to see the pairing of De Niro and Williams. How could one screen hold all that wonderful, we wondered. I could recount each and every release thereafter in fact, as we always looked forward to anything you touched.

We’ve cried over you and for you, yes, without even knowing you. What joy you’ve given, Mr. Williams. ♦

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