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Knock It Off


Got a new set of knockers for Christmas.

Allusion to a politically incorrect phrase on my part? Absolutely. As Carlin and Cleese have touched on in times past, political correctness can in itself be offensive and carried too far. Doing my part to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Along the same lines, Bean and I have been grumpalumping about certain societal imbalances as of late. At the risk of offering up derogatory socio-political armchair commentary, you won’t find me at a women’s march any time soon. I support true feminism, not the surface level bandwagon version that once again doesn’t attempt to offer equality to women, but instead desires to position them as superior to men. Woo, they have vaginas and are proud of it. Were large groups of men to state pride in their equivalent body part, take to wearing roosters’ combs on their heads in a coy winking nod, those same women would freak the fruck out. Way to leap into the very role they’re railing against. Just because it seems that men have been doing that very thing in a metaphorical sense for years, does not justify the hypocritical wearing of the shoe on the other foot. Hat on the other head? Empowerment, equality, yes. Entitlement, over-elevation, no.

We’ve already been there, done that. Those that don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Instead of taking us forward, there’s a current rehashing of ground already gained as though it were brand new territory. Each new generation often learns life’s lessons for themselves, but take a clue already. A brief look at feminism in the sixties, seventies, and eighties will prove the déjà vu of it all rather quickly. I cringe to think that a perusal of The Women’s Rights Movement that started in the last half of the past century would reveal even more of a rehash than that of progression. About the only new thing the movement is bringing, is the trend of stating it all more crassly and crudely which is tacky, tough, and disrespectful, not edgy, strong, or intelligent.

True feminism means being as feminine (or not) as a female feels like being while maintaining authority and commanding respect equal to that of any other person. Those that still equate femininity with weakness versus perhaps with softness are missing the entire point. And feminism is equality for both genders. The “duh” to follow that statement is palpable.

Infuriatingly, many of the same women crying “feminism” are threatening to destroy the credibility of truly victimized women, undermining a key point the movement is meant to achieve. I speak of those that dare to wrongfully define what constitutes rape. Feeling shame and uncomfortable feelings over degrading oneself with casual sex is NOT rape. They might have been on the fence or not really wanted to do it, but they did anyway. Own it. Women must take responsibility for their actions or non-actions, to not do so is a slap in the face of feminism.

Furthermore, skewering any man that dare voice an opinion that’s not entirely, utterly deferential and servile won’t fly either. Take the case of the actor Matt Damon being reviled over statements calling for- gasp- fair assessment. Writing his statement off as merely adding to the noise versus validating it as a needed reminder of reason. Silencing men in the same manner women claim to’ve been silenced by men. Tit for tat, an eye for an eye? I’ve found a place for shame.

The future is NOT female. How very unprogressive. The future is human. ♦

Facebook CVIII


Got to watch as the niece viewed It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown recently. Bean has a fixation (and collection to match) with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, and thought it time to pass it along! Edie’s all lit up by the glow of the screen, and though a bit grainy in quality, love that her briefly transfixed and motionless state allowed me to capture that little profile of hers. <3 ♦

Love It


Lots of posts about people all scaredy-catted to go see the new Stephen King It flick- me, I just feel like I’m off to visit an old friend. Count it a character flaw, a vice- trash in, trash out- yet still I view. Here’s a timely shadow found on my sister’s car seat formed from the sticker plastered on the window. For those in the know, it’s more than legible. ♦



Bean took me by the Kindness Trading Wall in Tacoma the other evening where love awaits to conk someone over the head. It was found among many other painted rocks- some humorous, some clever, the slightly novice mixed in with the more well crafted, and all an example of participation and effort. The bold pink underline rang out to me like a command: LOVE. So simple, just not always easy. Gonna keep trying, and you should too. ♦

Another Tree


If you think I’m documenting trees, you could be right. I’ve found several in recent times that really cream my puff- scratch that- turn my channel. I love this birch in my sister’s front yard- the papery barky bits peeling themselves back to reveal portions of trunk call to me every time. ♦

Joy, Pure Joy


Edie alert, Edie alert! Niece in action. Snagged a shot of her in Bean’s arms while playing at a nearby water park last night. Not that I need one, buuut… she provides a solid excuse to frolic like someone at least half my height. ♦