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Tomorrow- sportin’ the green! Maybe not as much as that time I played an alien android by the name of Largos, but green, all the same.


In other green, greetings and salutations from my bagged banana. It soon met with some peanut butter and oats, welcoming a quickly mashed death as cinnamon sprinkled on.

Nearly burnt my hand off last week. Family was in town visiting from Alaska and I was pulling together the final components for our meal together, when I grabbed the just-from-the-oven pan I’d briefly sat on the counter, with my bare hand. Time slooooooowed dooooown and I had what felt like a kajillion thoughts while still holding onto that sucker.

I have so many oven mitts and pot holders, did they not foresee this event?
This is my work hand.
Why am I not ambidextrous?
I should become ambidextrous.
I am ambidextrous.
When I’m utterly completely and totally in the zone of drawing or painting and have some highly important teeny tiny addition to make, I challenge myself to do it with the other hand, and end up doing so correctly without fail every time.
*knocks on all the wood, but with the other hand, no, not that one*
This reminds me of that game I used to play when I was a server.
Hot plates ready to deliver to a table.
Too hot, no tray, held with just my hands.
I’ve established eye contact with the customer, practically breathing on them in proximity.
Nearly screaming internally.
I’m gonna drop this thing.
Fighting reflexes, holding steady.
Glancing up at my reflection in the mirrored glass on the wall.
Look at that, I’m smiling, a sneaky minx.
And release, they’re none the wiser.
And I’m a tad stronger in some way, I imagine.
No calluses to boot.

Snapping back to the here and now, did my skin just sear itself to the metal?
Feels like I gotta shake this thing off versus just let go.
*shakes free*
The pan adds insult to injury by bouncing off the dishwasher and banging into my also bare ankle on the way down. I immediately begin running my hand under cold water and did so for about five minutes until the pain of the cold seemed far more than any pain from the hot. Maybe all those thoughts happened after I dropped it, I don’t know. I DO know, that despite occasionally pulling similar bonehead moves, but with not nearly as much skin to hot hot hot metal contact, I’ve inevitably had reddened skin and that kinda almost itchy warm pain that accompanies burns, if not more damage, for days afterwards no matter how long I ran my hand under cold water. I turned off the tap and looked down to find no burnt redness, just cold redness. No pain either. A bit later, nothing on both accounts. And the next day till this, nuttin’. Hooray for imperviousness that night.

Some things I gotta experience in the flesh to believe. ♦

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Found It

Found faith in the parking lot on the way to dinner tonight.

With Cheddar

Then once inside, it didn’t take long to believe.

At home, I was greeted with the sight of little baby bird necks craning from atop the nest outside, beak mouths agape, on the want and at the ready. The deepest reverence for this new life, I won’t be attempting a photo.


What- what’s that?


It says “onion cookies.”


Smells like onion and tastes like cookie! ♦

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XIV Quote, Images ‘n’ Clip of the Day

“I hate quotations.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

• • • • • • •

Well, there ya go. So says the man oft quoted.

A quote taken out of context, of course.
The full quote states “I hate quotation. Tell me what you know.”
His response in reference to writers and their responses concerning the topic of immortality.

Emerson found that when the said topic was broached, fellow writers began to quote the thoughts of others versus offering up an original thought or feeling from their own personal experience.

It can be scary to stand alone with one’s own experience and subsequent belief on such a divisive topic as that of immortality- do we even have it, the heaven, the hell, the afterlife and beyond.

Count one brave in sharing what one has learned and knows for their own on such a topic.

Or a fool.

Candy Apples

Fall Branches

ENCORE: okay, at this point, I’m cheating with yet another encore. But as already stated, this keeps me believing. And I really need to believe.

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