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Sunday Edition

It’s really encouraging and thrilling to hear something you haven’t heard in a long time.

Heard “my” kitty’s meow recently as well, she’s been distant as of late. This week finds her prowling about the grounds at last, hurrying to greet me once again. Turns out her name is…

It was late and I was nearly up the second flight of stairs the other night when I heard the bobo bell of a certain cat’s collar nearing. Then a door from the bottom floor opens and I hear the guy who lives there call out, “Ashley! Ashley! Hey, Aaashley, here, kitty.”


Uh, no.

I’d imagine her a Hilda before an “Ashley.” She has a toughness about her that I enjoy because it makes the vulnerability she sometimes shows all the sweeter. I prefer to call her Ash. The name must be the doing of the guy’s overbearing mother I sometimes here bellowing from the sidewalk.

Bad-ish dreams- I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of filth in the last almost decade and I’ve always marveled that it doesn’t seep into my dreams. But now, I’ve had more disturbing dreams in the last six months than in six years. Just because it’s on film doesn’t mean I have to watch it. But I’ve wanted to, despite believing garbage in, garbage out, and that we become what we focus on. Must behave. At least I don’t keep it in my home, and the desire to participate in life more so than consume it from a screen grows ever stronger.

I wonder how long once successful social sites will stay online- Myspace, Flickr, etc. I’ve received an excess (!) number of emails concerning my dormant Photobucket account- so I reluctantly deleted all the images and the account itself to shut them up, to no avail. Still receiving an abundance of emails. Grumpola. If they’d just stay in the spam folder, that’d be greeeat.

When I use the same phraseology unintentionally (love to do so with intent) in almost back-to-back posts, it makes me cringe when I only spot it after the fact. “Solid excuse” being one phrase that just popped out at me currently. Others leapt at me too, but I’m not gonna compile a list.

I love when I’m out and about in my car, and I catch people pointing and saying “Slugbug”! Played that game religiously growing up. I wonder if people see my license plate and think I got the name wrong or that “Slugbug” wasn’t available so I just chose a similar name. Nay, nay! When I had my 1974 Super Beetle(s) in the past, I was snug in my Bug, and the name remains.

As with several posts in the past year, here lies some grumpage concerning my fellow inhabitants of earth. Putting it to “paper,” expunging it from my soul. There’s currently a hodge-podge of lovely people in life that act as supplemental acquaintances, but I hunger for a few core friends that really click with me.

People that care about expressing themselves through exterior means, that have style in their appearance and home.
That cook (well) and share it with others.
That know the value of delightful external trappings, but aren’t owned by all their stuff, and instead operate from a core of what really matters in life.
That fight to keep hatred out, and bickering to a minimum.
That know words are important, and don’t casually throw cussing around like salt.
I currently say ”what the f—?” under my breath waaay too much, and I loathe it.
I want those that are for me, not against me, that are happy for me when something good happens.
People that include me, and allow me to include them.
So tired of no-style athletic shoes, sports gear, talk of beer, wine, pot, and the next game. Repeat.
That’s not my life and I don’t wanna hear about it from others.
Where are the well-rounded folks with interests being explored, hearts shared, that value and invest in people rather than in the next collectible (heck, I love collectibles, but they’re not life).

I see examples of people seemingly more in sync with me everyday, but to find them in real life has been problematic. For those I do encounter, I’m not a curiosity to be explored nor an obligation to get to at some point. I’m not here to be their mother or a 24/7 cheerleader- frank truth with a side of tact versus enabling falsehoods are my style. I just want some sort of balance- we’re a spirit in a body with a soul- the mind, will, and emotions. God feeds my spirit, people feed my soul. This quote from the flick 20th Century Women, brings me dismay:

“So, sweetie, I don’t know if we ever figure our lives out, and the people who help you, they might not be who you thought or wanted. They might just be the people who show up.”

And then there’s art. It feels like I can do art OR have a life, but attempting both at the same time leaves me half-arsing both, spinning wheels, negating each other, and I move no farther forward. If one or the other would sort themselves out, systematize already, I could more purely focus on the other.

I’m mad at the world for being takers, not givers, taking and taking and not giving much in return.
For being overly sensitive and complainy instead of shutting up and doing something.
Doing something begins right where they are- being kind to those around them.
In my anger, I become them, a cyclical battle I can recognize, but feel powerless to stop. And yet, only I can stop it. Strength for each new day and no more.

And of course, the not so juicy cherry on top- all my hopes, dreams, wishes and wants, fall flat in the face of this nuclear war crap attempting to cast a surreally dark shadow all too soon. I don’t delve deeply into the news these days- bias, fearmongering, unnecessary repetition- it’s folly, and too many take the bait, feeding a deceptive juggernaut. Despite my current lack though, I’ll continue to enjoy life and help those I can, whether for a day more, or thousands upon thousands. Always at the water’s edge. ♦


A Monday Night Moment


Just now happened across this meme while searching for something entirely different, my usual mode for finding things. Memes like these are unsightly- the text is crawling off the right side and is all unduly outlined and blocky. Even so, made me laugh. I read it and thought, “What hairy arm?” followed immediately by “How’d that cat get a box seat?” Only then did I see the arm. To my credit (ish), I first viewed it in tiny Google image search mode.

Flipped on the tv for the first time in ages as well (I’ve been in a world of movies and binged programs), and it looks like Freddy vs. Jason is concluding. Rather timely, as I’ve watched Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy recently, and felt like a whole chunk of teendom (or maybe “teendumb”?) came forth from the depths of a memory in need of a good jolt from time to time. ♦

Neet, Riht?

I kind of have a cat.

The long-haired black kitty mentioned a few years back seemingly belongs to the people a few floors below me. She’s had such spotty attendance in my life, but has made herself (a pink collar complete with a bobo bell thingy says female) a familiar spirit for the last halfish year. She takes up residence under the chair just outside my front door sometime ’round midnight. It’s been extra cold lately, so I bought one of those mats that supposedly self warms and a little bed to rest on top of it, to place in her spot. I went to take some cardboard down to recycle really late the other night, and when I opened the door, there she was all curled up. She looked up at me when I lightly set a box on the chair, but didn’t stir. This morning, she spotted me from three flights down and ran up them all to stop at my side. God bless all the kind kitties from catual* experiences in recent years that’ve chased fear far from my heart, and with it, oh so importantly, went the loathsome hate. It only took, years.


Because it’s my favorite Friday, I’ve been informed by a few coworkers of The No Sleep podcast. Gonna save it for daytime work listening rather than nighttime aloneinthedark listening.


Noshing on a few of these (Noshing? This one’s not among my common usage, don’t think I’ll reuse it) at the moment. They’re from my sister because she knows me. I like love being known.


Heading to the roller derby tomorrow, though the thought of roller skates coupled with a general release of pent up aggression along with an often heavily punned alter egoed name leaves me to ponder why I’ll just be watching rather than participating. Then I remember the need for a helmet and all that padding.


Lunch was ramen, ramen, rousing ramen (D’oh! It was pho, and that doesn’t rhyme.) Reminds me of this fantastic bowl of spicy negi from months back. So beguiling that I tucked in right away before I could capture a proper pic of the impressive onion nest resting atop it.

The last few songs that’ve played all spoke of a light in the darkness. ♦ *lights candle*

*catual- not a word (I know of), it just felt like it fit



Back down the windshield

It came for me in the night with a quick leap and a light landing on the hood of my car. Its gaze fixed, intent on its prey, it made its way up the windshield glass headed for the open sunroof.

*swiftly turns knob to close roof window*

Playing on old fears that once ran rampant, my pulse quickened as it padded back and forth along the sunroof, beginning to mew repetitively, poking at the glass with a front paw and butting a nose quizzically against the pane. All that could be seen were glowing eyes the color of honey against inky black fur all but blocking out any light from the carport ceiling above. Minutes passed and the thing made its way back down the windshield, only to turn and sit, staring at me intently. I moved to open the door and it leapt down to greet me, trying to jump inside. I closed the door and waited, wondering why this unknown creature of night so intently needed to be near me and I fought thoughts of Stephen King’s The Cat From Hell knowing full well just how near that particular one wished to be.


Feeling fairly trapped, I threw open the door to get on with it, standing up to find this feline sitting near the adjacent car’s back tire still mewing continually and, frankly, looking adorable. As I began walking, carrying a billion zillion (exact count) items for my dad’s approaching party, it circled my feet multiple times, splaying out across the walk with a come hither pet me invite, belly exposed and legs bent laxly in the air. Silly thing, though I don’t know its name, gender or residence, it now regularly escorts me to and from my car as with the Bo-Bo kitties from times past.

Mew. ♦

Painting by Aaron Bolton