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Mr. Tambourine Man, Mr. Tambourine Maaan!



Grabbed a handful of toy tambourines- heavy on the tambo, light on the urine- from the semi-annual toy sale at work. Shatner would approve. Also found a new desk mascot that I call Pete though he not be a dragon. He guards my near archaic chocolate. Something not found at the sale? This … thing.


I’ve got Albert Brooks and Ginger Spice jokes at the ready. Doody too. Strangely, no Carrot Top. ♦

Cuts Like


Birthdays, but once a year. Conjured up a mix of some of Bean’s favorites- breakfast, brownies, butter, and bacon.


She didn’t waste any time plating them and sharing an image of her handy work. Rightfully, these should be pancakes in keeping with her favorites, but sometimes waffles gotta waffle.


Of course, I made a test case beforehand and was sure to dispose of the resulting evidence quite well. ♦

Addition: on being known.
When dropping the package off at her place on the way to work, I knew she was likely in bed reading. Getting her attention might’ve proven difficult, as she wouldn’t have taken her phone off silent just yet, so texting and calling would be of no use. I rang the bell as I always do. She opened the door shortly, and after birthday greetings and chitly chat, she said she only bothered checking the door because of the specific ring that always means “Deborah.”

Treats, Darling, Treats.

She's a Treat

Found this sweet girl hanging (literally) out in the bathroom where she stayed all night keeping us company while we made our various deposits.

Like these.



This year’s contribution, cookies and marshiemallows dipped in peanut butter before being well coated in chocolate with sprinkles.

Celebrating the Fourth down in the valley made for a great view of many of the fireworks up on the hill in addition to our own. Unfortunately, that included what appeared to be a large fire emitting heaps of smoke from beyond the horizon. Soon a line of fire trucks roared past and the thing seemed to be put out swiftly, most thankfully. ♦

Save the Neck For Me


House on fire? Nope, those are the Christmas lights!

T’was that time once again, family movie night, and the Griswolds were thrilled to join us in burnin’ dust and eatin’ rubber, or whatever, all from the comfort of the comfy couch.


Oh, look, I built a snowman.


Then we promptly ate him. The crust- Cornmeal. Must. Happen! And it did.



Made a little dessert, too- red velvet chocolate chip cookie bars. It’s turning out to be a fine season, a lotta sap, lotta sap. Love my family. ♦

I Want to Pepper Those Eggs SO BADLY.

“Easter 2014 Ham

“Easter 2014

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Some of the yum had at the Easter feast! Minted fruit salad, the niftiest little muffin tinned hashbrowns topped with enough eggs to keep me delighted on through to the following Sunday, and rice crispety treats Bean requested I make completed with a milk chocolatey surprise in the middle.

Did I mention ham? Shane’s super fantastic extra delish ham really impressed me. I had repeat sammiches throughout the week. ♦