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What I Learned Over Summer Break

First and foremost, don’t flip pregnant women over while riding in canoes! It was such a lovely day. The clouds burned off just after noon, leaving the day in bright and warm sunshine sans the uncomfortable buildup of any accumulated heat. We paddled here, we paddled there, passing by baby ducks, perched turtles, many a flitting dragonfly and the occasional fellow canoe. After a picnic lunch up on a nearby bank, and a silly game of tap the buoy, we headed in for the day. Upon reaching the dock, we positioned ourselves up against the edge, parallel alongside it. In standing, turning and trying to exit, the canoe rocked away from the edge and in us both holding onto the wooden posts in an attempt to stabilize the boat, it only further aided in adding to the imbalance and – SPLOOSH! Capsized, we were. A rude ending to a tame trip. Once back on the dock, we took stock of bumps and scrapes, and most importantly any potential harm to my friend’s growing little one. After a mission to retrieve wayward oars and a very wet picnic basket, I remembered the cell phone that lay in my left jean pocket. Dead. The wet camera that lay in my right. It turned on with an unhealthy slow-to-rise, warbly screen and I shot this photo of the aftermath of our water-filled canoe with the thought that it would be the finale in my camera’s short life. Home we headed soaked through and through with the resolve to not do that again, and to nurse our wounds. Friend and baby-to-be are still plugging along nicely! Several days later, the cell phone was back in action with the added bonus of the nonfunctional camera feature oddly restored to fully functional. The camera followed suit and began working a day, or two later, as well.

Canoe Filled With Water

And now, various observations from the summer, not so much with a specific lesson learned, but rather, enforcing the idea that it’s important to get out there and see, hear, smell, taste and feel life!

Over lunch one day, my dad commented that Chinese restaurants never seem to have knives available as part of the table setting and that Mexican restaurants never seem to have spoons. In proof that Mexican restaurants do however provide their patrons with forks, see below. In entering a bathroom stall and turning to shut the door, I happened upon a lone fork laid atop of the toilet paper dispenser.

Fork Sitting Atop Toilet Paper Dispenser

In recent parking lot findings, a hypodermic needle. Near my sister’s car. In our apartment parking complex. In the family section. Sheesh.

Hypodermic Needle On Pavement

In the annual Puyallup Fair trip perusings, these, quite literally, Candy-Apple Red candy apples did quite well to feed my eyes, though, not my tummy. And in further fair fun, Bean and I were thrilled to discover we’d attended on a day exhibiting BUNNIES! A room full of bunnies + Deborah = Big, huge, flippin’ YAY! (No bunnies were harmed in the making of this YAY.) This particular fluffball appeared to be face-free at first glance, but a quick knee-bend later, a nose-to-nose view revealed, well, his nose. Please envision a hefty dose of nose twitchery and the up and down airy movement of wispy bunny bangs from the subsequent bunny breath and it’s almost like you’re there, too. Almost.

Red Candy Apples

White Bunny Face

In recreational park fun, I came across this happy plant/bush thing. The blossoms, they’re kinda reminiscent of raspberries with super fuzzy little sweaters, were raspberries to wear super fuzzy little sweaters.

Pinkish Purple Plant

And this particular park, these fantastic spheres are all situated under a covering of trees grown up and over in an entwining tunnel-like cove ushering visitors into what feels like another, better world.

Morrill Meadows Park

All hail a selection of fine imported English candies! Selected by Shane, purchased by Bean, a tag-team effort produced a bevy of yummy treats for the tasting. And my favorite? Having heard of my once intense affection for Altoids, birthed in late, late nights spent at the computer completing many a design project while back in school several years back, Shane knew the wrapping marked “XXX” would be right up my alley. Initially, I loved that ziiiiinnng to be had once one crunches down on an Altoid and then sucks one’s breath in. Hundreds of Altoid mints later, my taste buds numb, that wondrous ziiiiinnng was no longer to be found. So, I opened the “XXX” package, placed what looked to be a super-duper-sized Altoid, same smell, same texture, in my mouth, and then, without even attempting the crunch down step, took a breath in and – ZIIIIINNNG! “Ooh,” I gasped. Shane laughed, saying that was the reaction he was waiting for. Hooray for ziiiiinnng renewal! I’ve had two since then, this pack is gonna be made to last the whole year through.

British Candies

Red Converse Sneaker

A slew of people I know seem to have combined their munchkin-making in a team effort event which in turn has produced a slew of 5-year-old munchkins with 3-year-old munchkin siblings all being raised together simultaneously (not commune style, mind you, in separate homes and cities, but, you know, together). This means birthday parties and BBQs galore. In a deviation from the pattern, my little friend Sam, had her birthday at a large warehouse housing many an inflatable, some for sliding, all for bouncing and jumping! For weeks before the party, I lamented about how great it would be if the adults could, ahem, bounce and jump, too. How reallly, they should make these things large enough and sturdy enough to accommodate the adults so as to encourage interactive play. (More throat clearing.) Party day arrives. I drive over sporting my red Converse sneakers. I enter. I check in. I place my present in the present pile. I walk down the blue, blue hall and open the bright yellow doors to the party beyond. There, many an airborne adult to be seen! Whoohoo! Glory be and hallelujah! Those inflatables are GIGANTIC! More than accommodating for the likes of 6’5″ men and women (a bit shorter). I see Shawn. Shawn, Sam’s dad, I most often see when he’s arriving home from work. In a suit and tie. Haggard. Beat. Fairly lifeless. I often think of that song, Once In a Lifetime by the Talking Heads, and hope his outward appearance doesn’t reflect his heart. “Deborah! Wanna join me on this thing?” *Bounce, bounce, jump* T-shirt, jeans, and a smile from ear to ear. This is what I wish for every grownup, a playful spirit and the freedom to leave the worrisome pull of adulthood from time to time. *Bounce, bounce, jump* The inner children were all out to play that day, I tell you! ♦

It’s Mindless, It’s Senseless …


Thought I’d give Zobmondo a go. Zobwhat, you may ask? It’s a “would you rather” game. Questions, often fairly grody questions, where you’re asked to choose between the two options provided. Show me your sickness. which of two evils would you choose, and why?

Phrases such as “I won’t choose either”, “Neither one”, “Who cares?”, and “I would rather die” should never be uttered in a given answer. The questions are meant to be nonsense, mindless semi-entertainment. Hey, at least they aren’t in a bulletin post with a threat attached stating that your third child will be born with no forehead if you don’t reply in 0.8 seconds, yes?

Let the fact that this is just a game of questions, and not a game of dares to complete nasty, nasty tasks in reality, maybe make your day a bit brighter. You gotta go with the choices presented, no altering. And any fun to be had lies in not only choosing, but in telling WHY.

I’ll post two questions. One tame, one not. Answer one. Or answer both. Will post more if there are responses. Will still love you, if there aren’t. :)

1. Suck the white dried spit off the edges of a speaker’s lips after a two-hour talk


Suck the crud that gathers in the corner of a cat’s eye?

2. Be stupid and rich


Be smart and poor?

On That Sidewalk One Day

How happy was I yesterday morning? Very! Snow for about a half hour. None of it stuck, but still, snow, it was! Love! I stared out the window much of that half hour just looking up at the flakes coming down. If it’s gonna be cold, it should at least look pretty, I’m thinking. I hope there is a ton of snow at some point this coming winter. We haven’t been dumped on in a few years now, where it stuck for any significant amount of time, at least, and I love when the sometimes monotonous, day in and day out, gets broken up by snow or a good black out. A nice walk in the snow is long overdue. When the snow finds a way to accumulate on even the tiniest of little twigs stemming from one of the many branches on the barren trees in the woods. Beautiful. Oooh, and when some of the round little red berries out and about get encased in ice, too.

A big boo to that.

Sunday was great fun! Went to watch a good friend cross the finish line in a 1/2 marathon. As I stood waiting, I kept a tally running in my head of the runners. Two with sunglasses, one without a shirt on, three with headphones, five couples, three people smiling, all of these small little tallies on over at least a hundred or more people. Out of the five thousand that ran. I was really surprised that no one was really smiling. Sure, I know what it is to be huffing and puffing, tired and out of breath, but still, all those people just accomplished something they set out to do and only three of them were smiling? A big boo to that. Standing there earnestly waiting for Shannon (hey, pretty girl!), hoping not to miss her in the increasing sea of people, I was all set to see her round the corner with a look of determination and maybe the desire to cry, not because she couldn’t hack it, but because she would be tired and emotional from finishing. But, no! There was Shan, at last! Huge, wonderful smile on her face! That made my day. The fourth smile! So worth the wait to see. Don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time afterwards either. Shan, you rock!

Afterwards, I spent the afternoon hunting down gifts for my sister for Christmas. It was a gorgeous afternoon! Sun, even. It felt very much like the Christmas season. If I could hug the city somehow, with all its cracked sidewalks, old buildings, window displays, random bums and street performers, I would. I love it soooooo much. Caught a bus home. Missed the first one, though! Had my mind elsewhere, thoughts of someone. I envisioned this great scenario where I was walking down the sidewalk across the street from the bus depot. It’s a great little bit of sidewalk, and I thought how someday, we may walk down that sidewalk together, and then my mind turned to thoughts of wares and such. ;)

Well, that seems to be enough of a ramble for now … ♦

The First Snail Mail

Today was a great day, I tell you! I received the neatest of gifts from the neatest man I know. Made my day! I drove all the way to work like a smiling fool. It was a very Deborah-specific gift, to be sure. Aren’t those the best kinds of gifts, too? The ones that only someone who has taken the time to notice what you like, can give.

In other news, Jess, you kind girl, you. Bean told me all about Fiona Apple playing at the Paramount this coming Wednesday night and how you looked into tickets for us. I hear you have class so it won’t workout, but even so, the fact that it was a possibility really helped make my week. If it weren’t for you and Bryan being so generous with the free tickets over the last few years, I would have been concert-less and play-less on my meek little budget. So, thank you! Ok, that aside is complete …

Tonight I’ll be working on my Christmas shopping mission! A plan of attack, if you will. I so want to run right off to the stores and continue with what’s begun already, but I know I will go crazy and spend too much on something over here, when the money was meant for something over there. So instead, I will be a wise one and make a list. ♦

New Eyes

My head hurts, I must be tired. Ever feel like you went too far? Like you ruined a good thing? That’s how I feel right now. Maybe it will pass when I see the day with new eyes tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep.

I am so glad I finished the mural I’ve been working on for weeks today. I’m really happy with the results! Today was a great day at work, not too much to do, not too little. The sun was out, the air was a little crisp, and leaves crunched under my feet as I walked to my car. ♦