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I received an envelope in the mail recently featuring the best misspelling of my name yet – Debraha. As in Deborahahahahaha (spoken in the Count’s voice from Sesame Street). Now check out the face staring back from my breakfast plate this weekend. Doesn’t look much like the Count, but he does look ready to let some evil cacklery abound- good thing I ate him. At least he died laughing. ♦

Facial Recognition



[Seriousish left, seriousish right, smile left, smile right, repeat.]


Three different cameras and ten minutes on my hands the other night. Time to capture the mug, as I forget to do this, averaging a few to a handful of shots of self a year, if that. Alas, holding the camera at arm’s length rather than securing it properly, renders my nose fisheyed.

I like comparing what each camera captures in way of clarity- some shots were gloriously softened, others captured every pore and its little sister’s toy tea set.

So many I know post low-apertured blurred and grained images in lieu of reality. I prefer a little of both. ♦