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Got my snow! The kind that sticks around a while. Though not the kind that sticks to the road long enough to freeze over and crunch in the night as cars attempt to drive along- that’s my favorite. No, this kind slushed in the night. In recent weeks, weird smatterings of snow have occurred where in one city, an accumulation of several inches happens while just down the road nuttin’. My snow affinity has people feeling it’s their duty to report any in the general area so that I can dream on in expectation.


Met up for Italian tonight, a belated birthday dinner pour moi avec friends. Denise grabs a menu and apologizes for forgetting her reading glasses as she moves the menu further out in front of her towards me. Moments later she says, “You’re so beautiful.” I promptly lean aways back in my chair and ask her, “Are you sure? Better look again.”

I was out and about the weekend before last with Bean and Shane in Seattle to see Billy Crystal at the Paramount. It happened to be Emerald City Comicon weekend, so the streets were filled with costumes of all kinds and lots of extra energy, kinda like a bonus show.

Once settled in at the theatre, the lights soon went down and out walked Bonnie Hunt. Turns out she and Billy are touring together, brought together in friendship while each serving on a committee having to do with Robin Williams, the actual details of which are fuzzy in memory. What’s not fuzzy is the collective “aw” that filled the place at the mention of Robin’s name. The evening was filled with stand up and sit down- two comfy chairs on stage where the pair sat while Bonnie asked questions of Billy- how’s he doing, what’s he think of such ’n’ such, does he remember this or that, what about so ’n’ so, etc. Each night, things might be a bit different with room for spontaneity. I learned all sorts of stuff! He was most certainly more than marvelous.


Shane chose the outing as the last gift I opened on my birthday. It was between Billy Crystal and Patton Oswalt, which Bean thought was hilarious since I’ve been scheming to take Shane to Oswalt for the past three years, each time encountering schedule conflicts. Shane aspired to be a firefighter and/or a comedian growing up, so I keep an eye out for experiences involving comics. He absolutely made the right choice given all the amazing history and talk of movies involved spanning decades. On the way out, Bean snagged a lobby card as a little memento. And on the flip side? ♦


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But Don’t Call Him Shirley.


Impromptu dinner.
It’s kinda ugly.
(I like it.)
Runny yolk? Please.
Turkey bacon doing its best (visual) impersonation of the real deal.
Yep, I regret store-bought pesto every. single. TIME! Usually make my own- easy enough and- heaven. A green food that tastes like anything but green, if ya know what I mean.


Bought the latest Brandon Flowers album, The Desired Effect, a while back and am only now giving it a decent listen. Loving the varied layers of instrumentation, the thrumming beat of this song and the poppish anthem of that one. The reviewers that begged to differ are welcome to the leftovers of that afore mentioned store-bought pesto. Cheers! This album in fact, helps make up for his last attempt, Flamingo, which hasn’t received much play past the initial one frankly. Save for one song, that is- Crossfire– its accompanying music video features Charlize Theron fending off a copious number of ninjas- entirely plausible- all to save Flowers who finds himself bound and incapacitated not twice, but thrice.


The look he gives her? It’s nice to be fought for.


I don’t currently enjoy the wait at red intersection lights while driving, as I feel certain that I receive more than my fair share. The wait at this particular intersection happens to be an exception however. Mere feet from the log river ride at the adjacent amusement park makes for a gorgeous sight at times depending on the position of the sun when I happen to be driving by, most usually on the shortish ride home from the toy company (I love saying that). Spent many weekends there growing up. At the amusement park, not the toy company. (Knew that was coming, didn’t ya?)


Amusement- got myself locked in an overnight garage several months back. Well, my car, rather. Was enjoying the likes of the Rat City Brass, a Tijuana Brass tribute band, with coworkerly friends in celebration of the new gig. Downtown Seattle in the near pouring rain at 2 a.m. is always welcome (hey, it feels iconic), yet knowing I fully read the sign that stated the garage would close at midnight when I knew I’d be out past that and still choosing to park there? Makes me wonder about the firing rate of the synapses in the grey matter above. Thankfully, a call to the garage attendant and a $35 fee set my beloved car free sooner rather than later. Oddly, a new coworker experienced the very same thing at the very same garage after attending the same venue within weeks of my debacle. Same musical escapade? I imagine not.

This debuted last week and it’s pretty epic. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s Downtown music video. There are too many points of like to list without breaking out the bullet points what with its mishly mashed cluster funk of audio and visual variety. And it’s filmed in Spokane, WA which has been more or less surrounded in a pretty epic ring of fire as of late due to rampant and massive forest fires the likes of which have not been seen in the Northwest.

Aside: Thrilled to learn that my friend Shannon’s parent’s farm (with sheepies) will survive the surrounding fires largely due to the (at last!) rainfall over the weekend. They stowed their kitties away in a trailer atop a grassy notgreen hill the past week, with daily visits ensuing. The internal interactions of that trailer- the stuff of Youtube videos, me thinks.


Shane and Bean just returned from Spokane actually, along with a new children’s book for my collection procured from Boo Radley’s, a novelty shop I’d like to enjoy some day. I snapped a recent pic of them at the park as we hung out with Julian, surely a munchkin composed partially of silly putty. ♦

*I may have to rethink this spork thing. Till then, they remain evil.

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Father, May I?

“Greeting Me

“Seafood Dish

May Day flowers from my ever thoughtful dad. Wondered off and on all day if I’d find any upon returning home, only to forget just before arriving. So glad I did, for it made them all the sweeter.

A dinner of salmon and asparagus in mustard sauce with the likes of Black Mirror episodes and The Room for company this eve. Will it be as bad as it’s professed to be? The trailer says an assured “yes.”

Lots of planning ahead- the dad’s 75th (!) birthday party and Bean’s as well, though not her 75th (!), and not in that order either. ♦

May Day Song by Earl Robinson

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“A Hole Lot of Fun”

Praline Cream Dream

Ya know, you finally buy a new couch and this is what happens. NEVER home to occupy it. I don’t know, is a couch one to be occupied? Sat upon, rather. Curled up in the corner of, legs tucked under. Ding! Potatoed.

Had designs on a new blue velvet one years ago when I was quite in love with cobaltish blue. Sing it, Bobby. Walked into a thrift store soon after and fell for a deeply set low-backed rust number priced at fifty bucks. Sold! Still missing it now, though the springs had long since sprung when it left earlier this month. I absolutely adore a good Chesterfield but already have a loveseat housed in the blue room in just such a style. Bought a semi-ornate Old World brown leather monstrosity back in November only to find it couldn’t make the pass around the sharp turn to the left down the hall after entering the front door. Picked out less of a monstrosity in a charcoal tweed. It took its time getting here, but we seem to like each other despite my obvious neglect as of late.

Still eyebrow high in the typical JAN/FEB overtime slog for the company catalog. Le grump. That’s spelled O.V.E.R.T.I.M.E. Yes, ten Ritz crackers and two Lifesavers did not a proper dinner make. At least one of the Savers was pineapple. Someone had a lovely breast of chicken and some veggies prepped for roasting in the fridge even, but nooo. All things circular, it was.

Just like breakfast a few weeks back. Decadent and divine macarons with praline cream. Our decorator bestows her baking talents upon us here and there. Cookies for breakfast? Sometimes. For tonight’s dinner? Let’s hope not. ♦

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Save the Neck For Me


House on fire? Nope, those are the Christmas lights!

T’was that time once again, family movie night, and the Griswolds were thrilled to join us in burnin’ dust and eatin’ rubber, or whatever, all from the comfort of the comfy couch.


Oh, look, I built a snowman.


Then we promptly ate him. The crust- Cornmeal. Must. Happen! And it did.



Made a little dessert, too- red velvet chocolate chip cookie bars. It’s turning out to be a fine season, a lotta sap, lotta sap. Love my family. ♦

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