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Devil Behind the Wheel


This is me. I look like this now.

Not really, but there’s a resemblance, if only for the green fuzzy bits. Miss that hoodie-thingie with the stripes- managed to lose it, as well as my most favorite coat and scarf, all at different times, and all in movie theatres in the last coupla years. I don’t lose things ever, except outerwear, apparently.


Speaking of theatres, I shoulda been a movie set designer. A profession that incorporates research, history, film, design, creation- both a flat representation on paper and its physical form realized.

I was hanging up some birthday signage for a coworker a while back, and needed to measure out the length of monofilament needed and said so aloud. Another coworker whom I was discussing the likes of Jemaine Clement with at the time, mentions that my Pacific Northwest accent’s showing. I stare blankly not yet identifying the telltale word. She says, “You said ‘maysure’, not ‘measure’.” Thought I’d corrected that one, but my default won out in the moment.


Curious as to what new food fads will hit next. I’ve stubbornly never bought into the whole kale as salad thing, cuz, ew. Arugula and spinach, please. Though I’ve fully adopted avocado toast, end of story. (Time is a weirdo, I posted this pic a few years back, but ’05 feels closer than that morning in ’15.)

It finally happened, one of the sweet new lives residing on my balcony came to an end. I was out watering some plants and happened to look down to see a lifeless little downy-feathered body laying still at my feet. Thoughts ran through my mind about how sad it was, had the bird suffered, did the parents care, what exactly happened, and wow, I seemed to be dealing with this rather well. Finished pouring the last of the watering can’s contents and stepped back inside where I promptly burst into tears sobbing for the little life ended too soon. Glad to know I’m still me, with emotions that’ll never quite be fully contained when it comes to matters of the heart.


More car show loveliness. Wish there was some place I could go to drive like a frickin’ maniac without harming a soul and return having given flight to the utter exhilaration I feel when speeding and efficiently maneuvering from point A to B when behind the wheel. I suppose that requires obstacles, AKA, other vehicles and/or somewhat close quarters to maneuver around though, so drat to that. ♦

Soon Enough

It’s late, or early, depending on how you look at it. Got back from a drive recently. Nothing like a drive at night with loud music to clear my mind! The Afghan Whigs | 1965 CD. I’m looking for a new place to do some volunteering. I hate when I’m all full of myself without an outlet to be giving somewhere, contributing something. A key to happiness, make someone else happy. Not that I’m not busy enough trying to complete all the steps towards getting established in the art world. I’m already four months down in my little one year dedicated plan. And, I haven’t even sent anything to New York yet. Soon, I can focus on having a more balanced and full life, the way I want. Hurry eight months, pass quickly! Not to wish my life away, of course. It’s about the journey as they say, just seems like I’m constantly on the journey and never reaching any of the goals. Things can happen so fast though, snap, just like that, new and good things. I will get where I’m going soon enough. Ah, late night/early morning ramblings, these are always more fun with someone to share it all with. But, at least I’m finally blogging. :)

Tonight was fun! Hung out with Miss Shannon- Shannie-poo, you’ll read this, and know I’m still calling you Shannie-poo. You should challenge me to a seven mile run. You’re shorter, I’m taller, you’re faster, I’m slower …

My sister went to a concert at the Showbox tonight. Tomorrow the two of us are going to The Corpse Bride and Flight Plan. I’d like to see Lord of War. We’ll see. More painting tomorrow, too. I hope I can complete the mural tomorrow! Time to start something new.

Okay, sleep. The sheets are going to be so cold for the first five minutes. ♦