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Lobsters pee out of their faces. WHAT? A fact that’s escaped my ears all these years. Common knowledge? It’s how they communicate, whether fighting or looking for a lobster mate. Imagine humans doing so! Unless there were a supply-on-demand ability which we lack currently, maybe we’d end up fighting less and not straying from our mates as much. That, or take up drinking A LOT more fluids. ♦

Facial Recognition



[Seriousish left, seriousish right, smile left, smile right, repeat.]


Three different cameras and ten minutes on my hands the other night. Time to capture the mug, as I forget to do this, averaging a few to a handful of shots of self a year, if that. Alas, holding the camera at arm’s length rather than securing it properly, renders my nose fisheyed.

I like comparing what each camera captures in way of clarity- some shots were gloriously softened, others captured every pore and its little sister’s toy tea set.

So many I know post low-apertured blurred and grained images in lieu of reality. I prefer a little of both. ♦