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Got my snow! The kind that sticks around a while. Though not the kind that sticks to the road long enough to freeze over and crunch in the night as cars attempt to drive along- that’s my favorite. No, this kind slushed in the night. In recent weeks, weird smatterings of snow have occurred where in one city, an accumulation of several inches happens while just down the road nuttin’. My snow affinity has people feeling it’s their duty to report any in the general area so that I can dream on in expectation.


Met up for Italian tonight, a belated birthday dinner pour moi avec friends. Denise grabs a menu and apologizes for forgetting her reading glasses as she moves the menu further out in front of her towards me. Moments later she says, “You’re so beautiful.” I promptly lean aways back in my chair and ask her, “Are you sure? Better look again.”

I was out and about the weekend before last with Bean and Shane in Seattle to see Billy Crystal at the Paramount. It happened to be Emerald City Comicon weekend, so the streets were filled with costumes of all kinds and lots of extra energy, kinda like a bonus show.

Once settled in at the theatre, the lights soon went down and out walked Bonnie Hunt. Turns out she and Billy are touring together, brought together in friendship while each serving on a committee having to do with Robin Williams, the actual details of which are fuzzy in memory. What’s not fuzzy is the collective “aw” that filled the place at the mention of Robin’s name. The evening was filled with stand up and sit down- two comfy chairs on stage where the pair sat while Bonnie asked questions of Billy- how’s he doing, what’s he think of such ’n’ such, does he remember this or that, what about so ’n’ so, etc. Each night, things might be a bit different with room for spontaneity. I learned all sorts of stuff! He was most certainly more than marvelous.


Shane chose the outing as the last gift I opened on my birthday. It was between Billy Crystal and Patton Oswalt, which Bean thought was hilarious since I’ve been scheming to take Shane to Oswalt for the past three years, each time encountering schedule conflicts. Shane aspired to be a firefighter and/or a comedian growing up, so I keep an eye out for experiences involving comics. He absolutely made the right choice given all the amazing history and talk of movies involved spanning decades. On the way out, Bean snagged a lobby card as a little memento. And on the flip side? ♦


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How Could Such News Be True


Oh, dear sir, you’ve been beloved. You’ve been a part of our lives without ever meeting us. A teacher, a comforter, a friend. Emulated and applauded.

You’ve been an absolute favorite to those I’ve loved the very most in life. For some of them, Good Morning, Vietnam and Hook, learning every line.

For me, Mork is counted among my very first friends. A buddy I looked forward to seeing regularly, the pair of rainbow suspenders in my dad’s top drawer visited often with a na-nu, na-nu. How you managed to be Popeye- a favorite- as well, was something my young mind couldn’t quite wrap around at the time.

In later years, came o captain, my captain, and how you expanded my world. The news of Awakenings hitting the screen sent us off to the theatres next, thrilled to see the pairing of De Niro and Williams. How could one screen hold all that wonderful, we wondered. I could recount each and every release thereafter in fact, as we always looked forward to anything you touched.

We’ve cried over you and for you, yes, without even knowing you. What joy you’ve given, Mr. Williams. ♦

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Pass the Red Pen


Al’s back in the best way! His parody Word Crimes buttons it up. And it’s a typographer’s dream as a friend calls it. Caught his show a few years ago at my favorite fair. Free! They needed to fill in the audience a bit with passersby so even my dad got in on a little Al. I believe he donned a weirdish hat or two? (Al did as well.) Yeah, that’s just weird, Al. ♦

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I Was.



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Took a little trip down to Ashland, Oregon, back in February with friends, just twenty minutes shy of the California border. Stayed at the nicest of hostels the first night, and moved on to a what can only be described as “cozy” bed ’n’ breakfast for the second. Jordan, the owner, made us breakfast and got us a great deal on tickets for a play (Ashland is all about the theatre), The Sign In Sidney Brustein’s Window.

On the to do list of life, I’ve placed the desire to bathe in a basin tub. How has this not happened already? The bed ’n’ breakfast site boasted this very tub style! Oddly, upon arrival, we found it out on the front porch. Apparently, plumbing issues arose the weekend before, so alas, the tub yet alludes me. In other details, I finally gave Eggs Benedict a go. Dined at Larks, a posh restaurant in the area and the meal was nothing short of divine. I inappropriately “mmmed” with nearly every bite. ♦

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Pick One


This past weekend t’was that time again. For a number of years now, a fellow designerly friend and I have judged the layout and advertisement portions of the Washington Journalism Education Association state contest. This means I get to spend time at a high school with teachers, get to walk the halls, visit the library, and often talk with students. This makes me happy. 

I love noting what remains the same only different

I love noting what remains the same only different– the art projects featured in the showcases caught my eye immediately. They were the same assignments doled out when I was in school- certain techniques to be attempted in pottery, larger portraits laid out on a grid, some collages here and colored paper renderings there. I have yet to catch a glimpse of the little theatre at any of these things which is a bummer. 

I sometimes take a photo and wonder how or when I’ll ever use it. Take this photo for example, it was shot on Christmas two years ago at Bean’s home. I was drawn to all the colorful pointy ends. Today, it’ll do, what with the judging and need for selection and all. It’s not too heavy on the green unfortunately, but I certainly am- decked out in an array of it from head to toe, over and undies. About to be full of avocado, too, cuz I’m nothing if not thorough. ♦

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