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When Your Umbrella Keeps Opening In the Front Seat

And that’s how my week started off. Favorite umbrella, sporadic releasing mechanism, passenger’s side, freeway, crikey! Multiple openings, and though my lane control may’ve suffered momentarily, I’ve lived to tell about it. And still love umbrellas!

Gonna take a moment from wrap-wrap-wrapping to switch to a little write-write-writing. My home smells like spices- rich, Christmasey, and comforting. I’ll have to fend off an evening nap soon, I’m sure. I swear my eyes were just open, it was merely September, I’ve blinked and ka-plow!- Christmas next week! Only threw up some garland, bows, a few lights and a little greenery this time around.


Here stands the humble and lovely tree, fake though it may be. First fake tree ever! Bah-flippin’-humbug! I ALWAYS have a real one as the main tree! Harumpf. Fake ones are welcome in other rooms as long as they boast something fakely fun in the color, tinsel, or flockery department. I didn’t have the heart to pester my Dad and his now sore knees nor Shane to help lug the tree upstairs and into place, though I know they’d both have done so. Shane and Bean bought a house and just got moved in several weeks ago so they’re a tad busy. In faux tree contrast, this was THE YEAR of people heading up into the woods to chop one down and bring it home, it seems. Never gone that route. Next year. Next yearing life away.



Spotted this fun Christmas kitsch near a hitch while lunching with some ladies yesterday. This is the first year I’ve not put a wreath on my car. Glad to see they’ve done so. Step it up, Davis! Time to return to all the wrapping, and forego the napping despite the settee demanding attention. ♦