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Catch As Catch Can


This past autumn, I housesat. On the roster- two dogs, one cat, a bunny, a bird, and a beta. Here! This is Raskey, he made like glue, and Annie, she wasn’t far behind. I was never cold with these two around. I just love hot dogs. 

Everyone should know their own name, yes? And fine feathered friends should be no different. I’d sit right up against the bird’s cage, peering in and calling out “casa,” fully expecting a “blanca” in response from the lovely little creature, appropriately white with a smattering of Crayola Sky Blue feathers. Though apparently, she didn’t wanna play it again. Ate up the attention, at least. As well as a strand of my hair.

I headed to the front door, unprepared to greet betrayal.

So, I’d done my duty, wrapped up my time sitting, and was all set to head out on the last day. It was a rainy one, and I’d stopped in over lunch with takeout chicken in tow. Hungry doggy eyes followed my every bite with laser precision to the very last. Tied up the bag of leftovers for disposal in the outdoor can. After saying “goodbyes” to my animal troupe and double checking this and that, I headed to the front door, unprepared to greet betrayal. I set the alarm, opened the door a tad, and- VWOOM, THEY WERE GONE! Nothing like double dachshunds bolting through your legs to make you feel completely powerless.

Standing in the driveway, attempting to assess the situation, the rain came down, and the dogs circled ever farther into the sprawling neighborhood beyond. I could see and hear the highway a short ways away. Calling them increased the frolic- walking towards, walking away, darting attempts- nothing was working. Then, they’re gone. Whatever to do … there’s rustling, plastic … wonderful wind rustled plastic! I untied the bag, began to bend down and outta nowhere run the pups straight at me. At the chicken! God bless chicken remnants! Suckers. Gotcha. Slippery wet little devils followed their noses and that bag right back into the house where they went on to nap with visions of chicken thumbs dancing in their heads, I’m sure. There’s a protein-based lesson here about hotdogs (all beef) and chicken, I just know it. ♦



Had a huge hankering for onion rings recently, but am on a healthish kick, so tried cooking up a baked ring variety with great success! Could even wear these as bracelets during the day, ensuring a quick snack at all times.


Nose plug not included.
Note: When one is sick, it’s best to not proceed in cooking a massive bunch of caramelized onions as this will only further aid in magnifying their sickness. Sorry, Bean!
Thought I’d cook up a batch of that s’wonderfully sweet brown onion goodness for spreading on sandwiches and adding to a variety of yummy dishes only to be reminded that once the initial grilled onion aroma dissipates, a sickly pungent smell remains not only through the night, but on into the next morning, even with the use of the kitchen fan and opening of all and any windows and doors.
Here, they’re only beginning their caramelization, still in the inoffensive phase.


Beetly beauty.
Attempted a recipe for beet chips.
ONE: because I like to attempt recipes from time to time that don’t necessarily sound appealing. I’ve found it’s a lovely way to be pleasantly surprised, and life can always use more pleasant surprises.
TWO: because they looked darn pretty!
Here, the rounds on the cutting board before heading to the hot oven where I promptly became distracted and forgot their utter existence resulting in charred blackened none-too-well-scented remains. Another time, maybe. ♦

A Little Zobmondo In Your Day

More nonsense. Because I can.

Remember, that “I won’t choose either”, “Neither one”, “Who cares?”, and “I would rather die” should never be uttered in a given answer. Would you rather …

1. Eat a cup of uncooked popcorn


a box of uncooked spaghetti?

2. Have a see-through nose


entirely white eyeballs?

3. Have to kill Winnie-the-Pooh



Why did Tigger look in the toilet?
He was trying to find poo.