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Got my snow! The kind that sticks around a while. Though not the kind that sticks to the road long enough to freeze over and crunch in the night as cars attempt to drive along- that’s my favorite. No, this kind slushed in the night. In recent weeks, weird smatterings of snow have occurred where in one city, an accumulation of several inches happens while just down the road nuttin’. My snow affinity has people feeling it’s their duty to report any in the general area so that I can dream on in expectation.


Met up for Italian tonight, a belated birthday dinner pour moi avec friends. Denise grabs a menu and apologizes for forgetting her reading glasses as she moves the menu further out in front of her towards me. Moments later she says, “You’re so beautiful.” I promptly lean aways back in my chair and ask her, “Are you sure? Better look again.”

I was out and about the weekend before last with Bean and Shane in Seattle to see Billy Crystal at the Paramount. It happened to be Emerald City Comicon weekend, so the streets were filled with costumes of all kinds and lots of extra energy, kinda like a bonus show.

Once settled in at the theatre, the lights soon went down and out walked Bonnie Hunt. Turns out she and Billy are touring together, brought together in friendship while each serving on a committee having to do with Robin Williams, the actual details of which are fuzzy in memory. What’s not fuzzy is the collective “aw” that filled the place at the mention of Robin’s name. The evening was filled with stand up and sit down- two comfy chairs on stage where the pair sat while Bonnie asked questions of Billy- how’s he doing, what’s he think of such ’n’ such, does he remember this or that, what about so ’n’ so, etc. Each night, things might be a bit different with room for spontaneity. I learned all sorts of stuff! He was most certainly more than marvelous.


Shane chose the outing as the last gift I opened on my birthday. It was between Billy Crystal and Patton Oswalt, which Bean thought was hilarious since I’ve been scheming to take Shane to Oswalt for the past three years, each time encountering schedule conflicts. Shane aspired to be a firefighter and/or a comedian growing up, so I keep an eye out for experiences involving comics. He absolutely made the right choice given all the amazing history and talk of movies involved spanning decades. On the way out, Bean snagged a lobby card as a little memento. And on the flip side? ♦


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Over the Weather


Faced the day anew from the vantage point of the couch this morning. I’ve been holed up in my room sick as a bog (yes, bog, those things are foul) in bed for much of the week. Sleeping, dreaming, a hibernation of restoration.


Wish I could say all those hours down and out at least went to the art of reading, but no. The last time I really got immersed in a story was well over a year ago with Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. Hmm, this photo visually recalls another. Yeah, the stack of books near my bed is outta control. Sometimes wish I had a second life where all I did was take in knowledge in every form that could then be USBed into my mind for this one.


Bringing old friends with me as I return to the land of food and sustenance today. Eggs, sourdough, marmalade, hot sauce. This is one of those live photos that captures a few seconds of sound and movement along with the image on an iPhone, and it’s really too bad that the frothing spitting sizzle of the browning butter crisping the edges of my eggs doesn’t translate to this page because, golly! A worthy little event to witness. And on the heels of nourishment? Audio visual needs met- finally gonna watch Hard Lovin’ Woman in a moment, a short documentary about Juliette Lewis. She’s crazy wonderful- her + a stage + all that manic energy = electric!


2016, I still love you, despite your harsh dealings with us, the people of this world. Defiantly declaring life is good, and will do so forever more. The camper on a ferry ride last year told me so.


Now, if I could just get a ton of snow for about three days straight past the point of this pretty frost nonsense. Thanks, 2017. ♦

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’Tis the Season for Salted


Time to break out the king cracker of nuts and get to hall deckin’! Nutcracker: The Motion Picture, yes, please. Screenshots here of some of my favorite bits- an eccentric character armed with a plan to gift and delight loved ones in the spirit of holiday merriment!


Trees, snow, and dancing en masse clothed in an excessive amount of tulle all under a warm celestial glow.



The marvelous prototype from which the best version on earth first leapt off the page to begin its residence upon the PNW stage. It’ll retire this year, and we know how I feel about that. ♦

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Fine Sight


Watching Frozen Planet, the autumn episode currently. I always enjoy this particular narrator’s voice. Though, what I really wish I were up to is the Banff Mountain Film Festival. I’ve gone several times in years past, and each time come away with a renewed sense of adventure and awe for the planet and its residents. It’s featured in the city of Olympia among others- no complaints here- I welcome a view of the Capitol building most any time- but this year I wanted to catch it in North Bend, a town made famous by Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Thought to look it up too late this time around! Getting by with the fine sight of the Brünnich’s Guillemots up among the cliffs. And all the marvelous snow, that light! ♦

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This wavy building with all the round windows reminded me of Star Trek and my then fantasy boyfriend James T. Kirk as a child of ages three and four. I’d accompany my dad once a week to the grain elevator at the docks, so he could pick up his paycheck. As we neared our destination, the hospital came into view atop the highest hill in downtown TacoMa (no “coma” here, just an aroma*). A highlight! Several years later, my sister was born there. Further proof she’s from outer space. But, I’ve not had the need to return there since.
Not until this morning, 5 a.m. An unexpected cover of snow threatened the agenda with its icy ways. Washington’s snow-to-non-snow-day ratio leans heavily in favor of non (insert tears), and yet, the Davis family manages a two for two in the snow/surgery tally. Unlikely Combos for $600, Alex.
Yes, this morning at 5 a.m. my dad went in for his heart surgery. Finally. After multiple reschedules. Multiple times spent psyching up the mind and spirit. Multiple times enduring an extended wait.

Much preferred over the prior encounter

We entered a room where they eventually have him dress in the obligatory gown to be poked and prodded a bit before further poking and prodding. In a quiet moment, I hear a woman ask, “You’re Eldon Davis, right?” to another patient just across the way. Not the most confidence-building interaction. They’d placed the patients in opposite rooms. Not wanting this to be an indicator of what was to follow, we ended up finding their system of checks and balances reassuring, most thankfully. A variety of staff each made their necessary visit in progressing him ever closer to the main event. Over the course of the next few hours, each asked a series of questions to confirm identity all starting with “Are you Eldon Davis?” Much preferred over the prior encounter where the woman’s phrasing made it sound as though she were simply confirming what she already knew. Wrongly so.
Soon he was whisked off down the hall, and we began receiving hourly updates including the news that he’d zonked out talking about Chinese food (yes, he’s ours). The hours flew by- a saving grace- and soon we were again at his bedside. Dad intact! Hallelujah. A choir sings. He’s in discomfort, but humor endures. Shane says, “Hello, gorgeous,” and my dad, though close-eyed and immobile, retorts, “Hey Sunshine, don’t be an @ss.”
I can breathe again. ♦
*Simpson Kraft pulp mill

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