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When Your Umbrella Keeps Opening In the Front Seat

And that’s how my week started off. Favorite umbrella, sporadic releasing mechanism, passenger’s side, freeway, crikey! Multiple openings, and though my lane control may’ve suffered momentarily, I’ve lived to tell about it. And still love umbrellas!

Gonna take a moment from wrap-wrap-wrapping to switch to a little write-write-writing. My home smells like spices- rich, Christmasey, and comforting. I’ll have to fend off an evening nap soon, I’m sure. I swear my eyes were just open, it was merely September, I’ve blinked and ka-plow!- Christmas next week! Only threw up some garland, bows, a few lights and a little greenery this time around.


Here stands the humble and lovely tree, fake though it may be. First fake tree ever! Bah-flippin’-humbug! I ALWAYS have a real one as the main tree! Harumpf. Fake ones are welcome in other rooms as long as they boast something fakely fun in the color, tinsel, or flockery department. I didn’t have the heart to pester my Dad and his now sore knees nor Shane to help lug the tree upstairs and into place, though I know they’d both have done so. Shane and Bean bought a house and just got moved in several weeks ago so they’re a tad busy. In faux tree contrast, this was THE YEAR of people heading up into the woods to chop one down and bring it home, it seems. Never gone that route. Next year. Next yearing life away.



Spotted this fun Christmas kitsch near a hitch while lunching with some ladies yesterday. This is the first year I’ve not put a wreath on my car. Glad to see they’ve done so. Step it up, Davis! Time to return to all the wrapping, and forego the napping despite the settee demanding attention. ♦


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A little love from my tree to yours, along with one of the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. Or so says Buddy the Elf, but with no talk of the savory goodness of garlic in those categories, we may need to regroup. ♦

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Minimal Effort, Maximum Return.


I love a Crock-Pot day.


Sure, it’s not as fancy schmancy as the spicy herbed butternut squash I made for a side at Christmas (one of many), but if walls had nostrils, mine would clap. And clapping nostrils, well, that’s pretty spectacular. An animated gif justing waiting to happen!


Have the likes of this jolly pile to house away with Around the World In 80 Days as company. First up though, pine needle patrol. Break out the Hoover, er, Dyson. Watching an old Christmas tree bounce off the pavement from the balcony above was strangely enjoyable this morning. I usually prefer my trees upright and well rooted. Anomalies can be good though, like this screenshot of my Pinterest feed, how it chose to populate itself recently. Not particularly useful, but oh so patternrific!


The reward for all the hustle ’n’ bustle will be a trip to see Big Eyes later on, looking forward! I shan’t blink but once. ♦


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Silly, But It’s True

It’s National Poetry Month, and that’s no April foolery.


Though some of the sights I’ve seen certainly seem to be. An early morning drive led me by this odd mess of a situation and left me wondering if I might in fact still be asleep. It’s been rainy, but that boat’s not budging. I wonder if it had any momentum in coming to rest there, and if it made a tremendous scraping sound or more of a dull thud. Why could I see no sign of any trailer or people pulled off alongside the road somewhere, readying themselves to solve their latest quandary, I wonder. If they return, perhaps they’ll rename their vessel Renegade. Or Roadkill.

Done Dinner

Not to be outdone, my pizza leapt from my steady grasp to its death below in the crevice of the oven door, but not before splaying its presumably tasty contents upon the oven floor, whence hitting the heat, sending off the most delicious array of aromas, a tantalizing promise not to be kept. Guess that’s what I get for attempting to get by dining on the likes of “cardboard” pizza from the freezer aisle.


In keeping with the month, a little visual poetry in the form of umbrella meets tree. Perfect for employing, as this happens to be a bus stop.


And now for a little Plumpy’nut. It’s name sounds like it has potential as a punchline, but what it offers up is hardly a joke. A peanut-based paste, it serves to nourish those suffering in famine situations en masse. In recent years, my family has taken to purchasing gifts that aid others for each other. For example, X amount of money buys X amount of chickens for a village in such n’ such a country. So, a deploy of this nutty stuff was gifted to me, set and ready to reach and relieve many children.

Came across Sam-a-lamma’s sweet reminder from several years ago. She instructed me to read it daily. Said I was so awesome that it wouldn’t fit on just one sheet of paper. A top compliment, if ever. I deem it okay to brag about what’s been endorsed by a child, and that’s still no April foolery. ♦

Is So Awesome


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