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Bean took me by the Kindness Trading Wall in Tacoma the other evening where love awaits to conk someone over the head. It was found among many other painted rocks- some humorous, some clever, the slightly novice mixed in with the more well crafted, and all an example of participation and effort. The bold pink underline rang out to me like a command: LOVE. So simple, just not always easy. Gonna keep trying, and you should too. ♦

Short Order


Look! Here’s some food! I eat out from time to time where wonderful things get delivered to my table like these short ribs at Toulouse Petit. That’s right, a blatant beefcake shot (much like a cheesecake shot, but no cheese and no cake). Happy little chives too. Personally, I enjoy when the lens begins to fog over from all the steamy heat rising off the plate- it’s telling me to hurry up and get back to it already. This was back in May, but I’m just now getting around to filing a backlog of images away for the keeping. ♦