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In Dreams

When you have such delicious dreams that you wake up incredibly, hungry.


Took a trip down to Portland this past weekend where this sign dared greet me as I parked the car.

In adding to the partial glimpse of daily life that I maintain here over the years, I’ve released a bunch of recentish posts originally shared over on that drab creature called Facebook. Scrolling down or clicking on the corresponding category to the left should do the trick in viewing each and every. ♦

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Mind Blown: An Odd Take On Cobwebs

I’m strangely proud of them, seeing them as a novelty as opposed to a sign of neglect. There’s pride in ownership as though I’ve earned it somehow. X amount of days spent living on this splendid planet with its not always quite as splendid residents equals a cobweb earned. One’s presence means I’ve had a home- a wall, ceiling or doorway, a darkened high up and away corner for it to accumulate in. In cleaning ceiling to floor, I’ve passed over them the few times I’ve encountered one. No such badge of honor to bunnies of dust, mind you. Regretfully, I’ve no image for accompaniment, just lying in bed and enjoying my ceiling before the inevitable zonk out. A post hardly qualifying as audio or visual, you’ll just have to pretend, I suppose.You know how to pretend, don’t you? Just put your mind together and- ♦

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What a whirlwind of a week, let me tell you!

I could not be more filled with anticipation of what’s to come. Life is funny that way, you’re going along looking for one thing and- Whap! Smack! BOOM! You find something all together different.

Lots to do this weekend, cut my sister’s hair for one. And, of course, there are movies I’d like to see. Maybe Elizabethtown. Cameron Crowe. Will it be on the level of Almost Famous? I think not. I have a painting sitting on my desk begging for me to finish it. I hope I can get to it soon. I may have a freelance job over the next 3-4 weeks, must call about that. More money to complete my plan. The plan could really use a good name … but what?

Mission                    .

Someone broke into my sister’s car. Again. If I find you … Okay, who’s loving the scuttle of leaves across the pavement because it’s autumn and that’s what leaves do? I so am! Must go for a drive on Military Road over by Five Mile Lake where there are mounds of gorgeous leaves all piled up along the street just waiting for me to plow through.

There’s a little something on my page for someone, a reminder, of sorts … ♦

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