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Are we there yet?

A brief walk along the waterfront today cleared recent bad dreams from my mind, swept away by the onslaught of rain and bluster, and replaced them with the sweet memory of last year’s most prized dream. A sense of enveloping warmth and completion, hope met and surpassed, yes, Christmas Eve, I woke with a smile.


Please sir, I want some more.

Bean’s nothing if not serious about her mashed potatoes. Intentionally lumpy, cuz we find we like ‘em like that.

Tomorrow is a day partially devoted to the cinema. In way of potential Oscar contenders, I’ve only seen Argo and Flight, thus far. The latter at Shane’s request- odd as he’s terrified on planes. I’ve witnessed him recoil into a near sniveling shell of himself in the very seat behind me. How he’ll ever recross the pond, I’ll never know. A little B.A. Baracus move, perhaps. On the roster ahead, Lincoln, for one. I’m told that J.G. Levitt’s in it (yay, hooray), though I’ve consistently missed him in the trailer due to the utter monstrosity that passes for hair sitting atop Tommy Lee Jones’ head.


And did you say pie? Hole right here.

My, oh my, it’s apple pie! I love making these, though plain old apple’s not quite my forte. My dad loves it, though, so that’s all it took. Plus, he made quick work of most of the apple coring and cutting himself, impressing me even, with long dormant knife skills. Who knew?

I’m coming down off a day reveling in the surest cure for what ails a lacking heart: gratitude. It never, ever fails, though it does tend to falter sooner than it once did. And this day, that of Black? I’d like to place the moron(s) that came up with Black Friday in front of one of the many oncoming paths of charging fools. How it should follow so swiftly on the heels of a day meant to reflect on all the good one possesses is beyond me. “Yes, I’m now in touch with what really matters in this here life, quick! Let’s forget, I might do something good with that acknowledgement. Instead, get me ‘n’ thee to a Wallymart.” Shame is a horrid thing, though if ever there were a place for it, this day should be it.


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