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Aaron arrived from across the pond.

He forgot to pack up Stonehenge despite his close proximity.


Sandwiches ensued.

Cornmeal crust!

Birds On a Wire

Living on the little joys.

It was an almost stormy day.

Driving through the outer neighborhoods, block after block, I glanced down this street and that only to have to circle back when spotting these fellas. Pigeons! They’re rampant! Once relegated to the city sidewalks, they now huddle in my dad’s front yard feeding under my favorite tree, stand alongside local panhandlers at the corner of the freeway exit, and randomly frequent drive-thru fast food windows about town.

Would you like sauce with that?

Kinder Hippos

Hungry, hungry! For a hippo.

For something I once didn’t much care for, hazelnut has sure become the sweet du jour, these days. Here, a Kinder brand happy hippo! Hippos, hazelnut and Kinder combined? Yay! The ex fiancé used to bring me and Bean Kinder Surprise eggs all the time.

Crane Fly

Summer days.

Year’s ago, when I lived in a home with no screens on the windows, more often than not, the summer nights found my room filled with many of these guys, at highest count, fourteen! Though they terrify my sister, they don’t do much for me, other than appear rather everyday ordinary.

But not last week. While entering a friend’s home, this crane fly caught my eye. Again, the everyday ordinary, but beautiful in the moment, almost elegant in the angles of its legs, in the veins of its wings. It required a thoughtful look and a recording for remembrance.


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