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Pink and Yellow

Toured a bunch of ships today at the festival along the Tacoma waterfront in celebration of my dad, as he’s a big maritime fan. Here he is in one of his signature shirts from a time when I was still lucky enough to cruise around on a Big Wheel (strangely, my current Beetle is bright yellow with a bubble gum pink “LOVE” sticker on the back, so keepin’ things consistent in the realm of color, it looks like).

My dad has my back, always. Over the years, I’ve witnessed him leave behind the crusty, guarded anger of youth to reveal a soft-hearted man with kindness as his default. He’s discovered he’s a funny guy, and looks for opportunities to interject a little wit and warmth- he’s a regular around town where many know his name and welcome him readily. He’s helped me in countless and ever consistent ways. Thanks, Dad!


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