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Took a little trip down to Ashland, Oregon, back in February with friends, just twenty minutes shy of the California border. Stayed at the nicest of hostels the first night, and moved on to a what can only be described as “cozy” bed ’n’ breakfast for the second. Jordan, the owner, made us breakfast and got us a great deal on tickets for a play (Ashland is all about the theatre), The Sign In Sidney Brustein’s Window.

On the to do list of life, I’ve placed the desire to bathe in a basin tub. How has this not happened already? The bed ’n’ breakfast site boasted this very tub style! Oddly, upon arrival, we found it out on the front porch. Apparently, plumbing issues arose the weekend before, so alas, the tub yet alludes me. In other details, I finally gave Eggs Benedict a go. Dined at Larks, a posh restaurant in the area and the meal was nothing short of divine. I inappropriately “mmmed” with nearly every bite.


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