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Lunch at Lola!

Window seats, sun shining, good friends, new faces, a superb meal with a Greek flair. And to mention the pie! Seattle chef Tom Douglas makes excellent coconut cream pie. If you don’t like coconut, you just might after one little bite. Had a hankering for a slice and was mildly bummed at the thought that I’d be missing out due to the fact that it’s served at his restaurant, Dahlia Lounge. What a happy surprise to find that come the end of our meal, a free and heavenly slice of this very pie was mine for the devouring at his restaurant, Lola, as well. I had a little help, as those forks may attest.

And She Laughed and Laughed and Laughed

A flame, or two, still here for you.

Was happy to see they didn’t place them as “4” and then “3”. Soon enough, soon enough …

Cake Art

Boxed. Ain’t it rosy?

Birthdays- the morning after- breakfast is most often leftover cake. Upon opening the cake box that morning, discovered this imprint of the frosted roses circling the box top. The roses themselves were merely a bit flattened and actually made for a much prettier look than originally intended. Love a happy accident


Afternoon delight.

Birthday midday arrived and with it? Even more flowers! Yay, me.


Cross boned.

A package detail, my favorite on a birthday gift from Bean. Love the idea that we all contain a somewhat creepy and forever smiling “monster” of sorts within. Though this particular skull may not be my favorite rendition- I tend to like a Day of the Dead version- it’ll do quite nicely as it’s a button destined to be sewn to something in the near future.


Silver dollared!

I don’t celebrate a birthday, rather, a birthWEEK! Some of the best tasting food on the planet happens when it’s made for you by loved ones. Enter the mini pancakes above complete with gobs of confection. That’d be sugar!

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