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The salad bar at Marlene’s Natural Foods Market & Deli (Marlene’s, for brevity) sure has my number. I go in thinking maybe I’ll try something different from the case this time- a slice of quiche perhaps, or one of those potentially yucky but ultra yummy looking lentil cakes. But the greens ain’t havin’ it, and before I know it, I’m pilin’ on the goods yet again.

That peek of dressing on the side there at the bottom has gotta let me know its secret. Labeled “blue cheese,” I’ve yet to detect hide nor hair of blue or cheese over the weeks I’ve ordered it. Instead, it contains heaps of garlic. Yes, garlic. Hello, I clove you, won’t you tell me …

On the other hand, those sesame bar-ish crisps had to go. Evacuated them all after the first bite. They look suspiciously like dog treats and sure enough, woof.

Caught the tail end of a host on the radio mocking all the recent posts of lunch in his feed just as I finished the last bite and had begun my own post.

That one particular song that really does it for them

I like to listen to the radio from time to time despite the intoxicating power to control my soundtrack to life at all times down to the very. Turns out, I’ve missed that thing from long ago where one flips on the radio hoping to hear that one particular song that really does it for them, and lo and behold- it’s the very next tune! Sure, the shuffle feature accomplishes this as well, but it’s just not the same. Sadly, it’s not likely to happen much anymore as my favorite station has gone off the air, replaced instead with yet another nondescript drone aimed at the 18 to 30-something female demographic. Welcome to Seattle, please enjoy one station broadcast across umpteen signals for your convenience. But only if you’re XX-ey and you know it.


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