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Dude, I feel like I blinked and it’s Christmas again almost. This may be the fastest year that has gone by yet! Time, slow down already! Lots I want to do yet. Today I am running the show at work. Hope I don’t mess it up! Missing a deadline is like the worst thing in newspaper land. At the very beginning of the year, my Dad told me the most encouraging words about how this was gonna be my year. I tell you, I think he was right. It appears that there will be a part II, as well, on into next year. No complaints here. It’s lunch time and I am having a love affair with this chicken bowl that I order several times a week. It has yet to get old! I wish it was double veggies and chicken, without the rice though. I asked the chicken bowl lady her name last week. It’s Shim. Shim will be receiving a little Christmas something from me, that’s for sure! She always, always recognizes my voice when I place the order over the phone, and she gives me extra spicy sauce on the side, too. YAY! I love the little details like that, when people out and about, know who you are. It makes life much more enjoyable. “Deborah, is that you?” she asks. I am glad that all went well yesterday, headache-free, sunglass-free! For a most amazing man I know. Hoping for more of the same today!


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