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I’ve never lived outside of a few miles’ drive from the water, and hope I never will. Gosh, that’s the most use of the word “never” I’ve had in a while.

Thinking my growing collection of red shoes may become my new “traveling gnome.”


In the many past trips to the ocean, rarely have I encountered a sunny day. Rather, it’s overcast, if not downright stormy, and standing looking out at the vast beyond, I feel sure that the world must be ending.

Thus far though, it remains only a feeling, still got a little time to find and be found.



Smooshed dookie! A horse clearly did his business while crossing the road to the trails beyond, and camera in hand, figured it a subject worthy as any other.

Meanwhile, Shannon walks ahead wondering this and that, asking aloud to Travis something along the lines of “You think anyone ever takes pictures of poop?” only to turn and find that, yes, they do.


Little buzzed…

… coffee!

Stopped off in Montesano along the way for breakfast. Finally found a city name in Washington that I love!

Montesano! That’s fun to say! Kinda-sorta. Montesano, Monnntesano, Montesanooo …


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