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Oooh, you’re a soxy monkey.

Need another monkey. And a bed!

Just finished watching the last half hour of Thief. ‘Cause, you know, it’s Valentine’s Day.


“Love is a serious mental disease.”

So said Plato.

And with that, I wish you a happy holiday, what’s left of it, anyway. It’s 11:11 p.m. as I write, have made my wish, hasn’t come true. Knew there was a reason I’m not one for wishing.


Got stripes.

I adore today! A celebration of love! Quite good at it, I am. Loving or celebration, you ask? Both.

Sure, people chalk it up to a made up holiday put on by the greeting card companies, but what to celebrate if not love, of all things? Some say they celebrate it year round, why bother. I celebrate it year round as well, I’m betting more than most from what my eyes, ears, and heart detect as life grows on, yet, a whole flippin’ day to bask in love collectively? Hooray, and yay! Sign me up! Sunshine and roses! (Rain and chocolate in today’s case, even better, as I prefer raindrops fallin’ on my head.) Shine the spotlight, heighten the senses, elevate the loved, pull out the pedestal, this should go all the way to eleven. Every kind. Father, mother, daughter, son. Sister, brother, friend, and even foe.

You bitter and lazy folk who opt out, move outta the way! Or stop by sometime, I may change your mind.



Not much in the way of romance this time around, savin’ all my love (sneaky song lyrics), but an abundance of love all the same the whole day through. Everywhere I went, was showered with it, plus gifts and attention. Basking in the afterglow. Most unexpected! Gladly received, really needed, certainly wanted.

Watched somethin’ or other recently, and one character asked another how they know if the one they’re with is the one, to which the other replied with words along the lines of “do they inspire you?”

Been thinkin’ about that.


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