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Oh, goodness. What a lovely bit of window. Subtle and ornamental, not a full blown break-me stained glass kinda deal. Was standing there on that pebbly gravel, having spotted this green beacon from the road and was immediately compelled to capture it, when the phone rang. Bean. Thought she was alerting me that she was there as well and looking to locate me. We’d arrived to my uncle’s funeral. On the way, I’d played a series of somber and beautiful film scores in keeping with the day’s mood, but wouldn’t you know it, just as I took a right into the entrance, The Muppet Show theme came on. Smiles and laughter are indeed okay even at the saddest of times. The day and night went on to prove it in reconnecting with loved ones long missed.

But about that call. Bean was stranded six miles up the road just off the freeway where her clutch had gone out. Timing! Jumped back in the car and picked her and Shane up arriving back with but a minute to spare. The place was packed, an overly full house attesting to the character of a man gone too soon. So glad to have so many turn out to acknowledge him.


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